Choosing Decorative Pillows: An Easy Way to Transform a Room

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Decorative pillows can take a dull room and transform it into a vibrant, colorful space. The splash of color and texture a new set of throw pillows lends can add a new hue – or they can complement and enhance the existing color and style.

The pop of color
Decorative Pillows are best known for adding a pop of color to a neutral space. If you want to stick to a single color to give that ‘pop’, find two types of pillows in the same hue. Try mixing a striped pillow with a floral or a bold graphic printed pillow with a solid for an interesting, layered aesthetic.
For a style that looks like it came from the mind of an interior designer, add little home accents or curtains in the same color to bring the whole room together.

Mix it up with sizes and numbers
Pairing throw pillows in odd increments like three or five can lend a more modern look, and gives you the option of adding more unique pillow shapes (like oblong or round) to your bed or sofa.

From graphic prints to stripes to florals, here are just a few of our favorite decorative pillows!

Big Carousel Pillow

Landsmeer Citrine Pillow

Zulu Pillow

Galatia Citrus Pillow
Velo Silk Cushion

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