Seasonal Outdoor Decor: Decorating Your Outdoor Space For Different Seasons

Posted by Belle and June on February 27, 2024

Seasonal Outdoor Decor: Decorating Your Outdoor Space For Different Seasons

Whether or not you live in an area that experiences the four seasons, you can enhance your outdoor decor by correlating it to the time of year. And, if you do live in an area with fall leaves and April showers, you’ll want to ensure your outdoor spaces are functional throughout the year.

Want to learn more about how you match your outdoor space to any season?

At Belle & June, we’re experts in everything outdoor decor. We'll tell you everything you need to know about how to create a functional and aesthetic outdoor living space in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

1. Spring

Spring is a time of excitement after a long, cold winter when you can host outdoor events and gatherings. With flowers blooming, consistent rain showers, and warmer days, here are our decor recommendations for springtime:

Spring Time Protection

Spring is well known for the rainy and temperamental weather that fuels new life. With that in mind, you can prepare for the occasional shower by incorporating awnings, canopies, and pergolas into your outdoor entertaining area. New life also means bugs, so it’s a good idea to equip your covers with mosquito netting and citronella candles.

Floral Arrangements

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of spring is flowers. Whether you choose real or artificial flowers, you can decorate doorways, pergolas, and fences with a variety of colorful options. We recommend tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths to maximize the spring feel. You can also place floral centerpieces on your outdoor dining table or scatter potted plants around your seating areas for a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Pastel Colors

Capture the soft and delicate hues of spring with pastel-colored decor accents. You can change your color scheme by simply adding pastel-colored throw pillows for your outdoor furniture or draping pastel-colored blankets over your lounge chairs. You can also consider hanging pastel wind chimes or lanterns for a hint of spring whimsy.

Elegant Dining

Whether you’re hosting for easier or having a Memorial Day BBQ, you can turn your outdoor dining area into a spring-themed paradise. Set the table with floral-printed tablecloths, pastel-colored dinnerware, and fresh flower arrangements as centerpieces. Consider adding springtime scents to the form of elegant candles.

Move Plants Outside

Once the weather is warm enough, bring your favorite greenery outdoors or purchase new additions for your front porch, pathways, and other areas. You can also experiment with a variety of plant types and sizes to add visual interest and texture to your springtime decor.

2. Summer

Long, sunny days are the hallmark of summertime, making it a popular season for large outdoor gatherings and celebrations. So light up the outdoor fire pit for smores and bring out the 4th of July BBQ in style with these summer outdoor decorating tips:

Shady Relaxation

While the summer sun can be enjoyable, the season also has a tendency to be hot. To create comfortable summer seating and dining areas, utilize awnings, canopies, and table umbrellas for shade. Pair these covers with cushioned furniture for maximum aesthetic appeal and coziness. That way, guests can retreat to these cooler, comfortable spaces when it gets hot.

Bright and Bold Colors

Bold and vibrant hues reflect the energy and excitement of summertime. Consider adding bright-colored accessories like patterned throw pillows, outdoor rugs, and garden umbrellas to your outdoor space. You can also turn furniture pieces into focal points by choosing turquoise, coral, or lemon-yellow pieces.

Additional Seating Options

Typically, the largest outdoor events you will host will be in the summer. Consider adding additional seating to your dining table or around the fire pit. You can also incorporate unique seating options like hammocks and hanging chairs to capture the feeling of relaxing summer afternoons.

Tropical and Coastal Themes

Coastal and tropical themes are common ways to capture summer energy. You can enhance the summer vibe by Incorporating themed pillows, colorful umbrellas, and woven rattan furniture. String lights or paper lanterns are also effective at evoking the feeling of a festive beach party.

Soft Textures

Summer is light and airy, which is why you should swap out heavier rugs and blankets for lighter materials like cotton or linen. Consider changing up your outdoor rugs, or placing furniture with extra cushioning and pillows.


3. Autumn

Apple cider and fallen leaves are some of what makes autumn such a special time of year. In many ways, it’s the final celebration before cooler days and longer nights. To capture the rustic and exciting essence of the season, here are some expert decor tips:

Harvest Elements

Evoke the fall harvest by Incorporating real or faux pumpkins, gourds, and seasonal fruits around outdoor spaces. You can also use them to decorate your dining table by adding them to rustic baskets. Complete the harvest theme with seasonal wreaths or garlands to your front porch or entryway to welcome guests with the warm colors of fall.

Cozy Bonfire Nights

As nights grow longer, you can extend outdoor gatherings by inviting guests around an outdoor fireplace. Arrange Adirondack chairs or benches around a central fire pit and layer them with blankets and throw pillows for added comfort. Hang string lights or lanterns overhead to illuminate the area and create a truly magical atmosphere.

Rustic Seatings and Accents

Add rustic charm to your outdoor autumn decor by adding accents and seating made from natural materials like wood, burlap, and woven textiles. Some fun ideas include wooden crates, barrels, and lounge chairs as decorative elements or functional furniture pieces.

Wood and Fabric

Pair your rustic furniture pieces with warm blankets, knit throws, and plush rugs to create a cozy and inviting outdoor space. Wood pieces with white, red, and orange accent throws are classic color combinations for autumn.

Inviting Scents

Include inviting autumn candles that evoke the crunch of fallen leaves or the smell of a Thanksgiving dessert. Place them atop your outdoor dining room table or under pergolas and canopies for maximum effectiveness.

corner of a living room

4. Winter

When it comes to outdoor gatherings, winter typically gets a bad rap. However, with festive holidays like Christmas and New Year on the horizon, there are many ways you can create cozy and inviting outdoor spaces:

Festive Greenery

Winter can be as green as any other season when you choose the right greenery to feature. Make full use of winter-hardy plants by putting a decorated Christmas tree or other pines outside. You can also decorate your front door and windows with holiday wreaths and garlands.

Glowing Lights For Long Nights

Hang string lights and LED fairy lights around trees, fences, and pergolas to create a magical winter wonderland. And, don’t forget timeless illuminated decor elements like light-up reindeer, snowflakes, or stars to enhance the holiday atmosphere.

Cozy Hygge Haven

Embrace the Danish concept of "hygge" this winter by combining light with cozy fabrics. Layer your outdoor furniture with plush cushions, faux fur throws, and knit blankets. Then, place lanterns or candles around your outdoor space to add a soft and flickering glow.

Christmas Feast

Evoke the feeling of and prepare for a holiday feast by setting your dining table with holiday-themed dinnerware, linens, and centerpieces. Hang twinkling lights or lanterns overhead to create a magical ambiance, and serve up hearty winter dishes.

Warmth Abound

Decorate patio furniture with plush, heavy throws, blankets, and pillows to keep your guests warm on a cold winter’s day. We recommend wool blankets, cotton fleece blankets, and cashmere blankets for maximum comfy seating and aesthetics.

Additional Tips For Creating Seasonal Outdoor Spaces

There are countless ways you can play with colors, textures, and accessories to enhance your seasonal outdoor decorating. For additional inspiration, consider these overall tips:

  • Swap out corresponding greenery for every season, such as flowers in spring, harvest foliage in autumn, and evergreen branches in winter.
  • Choose a versatile color scheme for your outdoor decor that can be easily adapted to seasonal accessories.
  • Personalize your outdoor space with unique touches that reflect your personal style and interests (i.e. vintage lanterns, a DIY pizza oven, or a custom-made outdoor feature).
  • Play with lighting every season, including different light fixtures or string light shapes, colors, and brightness settings.

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