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Furnishing your home is about making it a personal space that you can call your own. The ways in which you do that are found in the particular preferences that make each of us unique. The decor you select for the home should reflect your personal taste and comfort.

At Belle & June, we believe that a house is not a home until it has been well and truly furnished. Whether you lean towards the modern and minimalist or you enjoy a cozy, overstuffed aesthetic, our catalog has the decorative accents and accessories to make any room in your home a comfortable paradise. We feature a wide array of fine décor pieces that don't just liven up your space with a personal touch, but also provide the dependable functionality that you have come to expect from the many creative and inspiring lifestyle brands we offer.

Browse the Belle & June catalog and we are confident you will find the pieces that speak to your sense of style and individuality. From decorative throws and pillowcases to wall décor to cachepots and planters, the only limit for furnishing your personal space is set by your imagination. Our catalog offers a dazzling array of interior décor options to fit any budget and any room of the house.


When it comes to home décor, we feel like you just can't have enough pillows. You can place them in just about any room in the home. Accentuate a couch, brighten up your bedding, make those dining room seats more fashionable and comfortable with some throw pillows. Feel free to mix and match colors and patterns, even sizes! There really is no right way or wrong way to decorate your space with the perfect combination of pillows.

Ari Decorative Pillows (Set of 2)


Roslyn Decorative Pillows (Set of 2)


Bella Decorative Pillow


Embroidered Star Pillow


Terra Silver Pillow


Sol Multicolor Pillow


Designer Alpaca Cushions


Indian Zag Marine Decorative Pillow


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Tabletops, counter space, shelving, you name it, these flat surfaces are the perfect display spaces for décor pieces from candles and vases to decorative boxes and jars. Feel free to play with various measurements and colors, matching the interior décor scheme iu the room or working with contrasts. You can group these items together in bunches or find spaces where one larger-sized item can be displayed for all to see.

Lumberton Blue Vase


Scotch 5x7 Crystal Photo Frame


Simply White


True Blue


Orchid On Stand


Acrylic Tray


Faux Timber Rectangular Bowl


Nesting Trays in Ivory Lacquer (Set of 3)


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An empty wall is just an invitation to optimize your home and elevate your interior design plan in every room. The Belle & June catalog offers a collection of wall hangings to fit any purpose and spruce up any room where a splash of decorative flair is just what you need to personalize your space. Whether you want to add some color and creativity to the blank canvas of an empty room or increase the appearance of space in the room by hanging mirrors on your walls, our catalog has it all. Get creative with various sizes and play with the relationship of spacing between frames.

Benham Abstract Framed Wall Art


Maya Angelou Wall Tarp


Prayer of Peace Wall Art


Tamba Hand Painted Metal Wall Art


Branca Faceted Design Wall Art


Stella Framed Ceramic Wall Art


Ginny Brass Twig Wall Bracket


The Velveteen Rabbit Wall Tarp


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Home décor isn't just about placing the right knick-knacks on your shelves or decorate the bed with mounds of throw pillows. We have floor lamps, baskets, cachepots and planters, items that are more at home on the floor instead of placed on a higher surface and each one can give the home the all-important imprint of your decorative style and substance. With so many furnishing options from which to choose, we are confident you will find the color, the pattern, the exact item to complete your vision.

Blue and White Orchid Pot Bird Motif


Blue & White Porcelain Climbing Vines Orchid Pot


Paws and Claws Black Fluted Cachepot


Blue and White Bird Motif Orchid Pot


Quatrefoil Black Cachepot


Tea Green Glaze Eternity Garden Stool/Table


Red Glaze Eternity Garden Stool/Table


Marine Blue Glaze Eternity Garden Stool/Table


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