We stock RabLabs stunning natural products

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RabLabs is a design brand created and developed by Anna Rabinowicz. The concept for the company was built around Anna’s love of nature and biology, and the brand focusses on natural materials. All RabLabs designs are influenced by groundbreaking research into natural resources and biology. The RabLabs team have strong relationships with various Brazilian and Italian artisans, and Belle and June is one of the market’s most prominent suppliers of RabLabs products. 

KIVA Platter in Crystal and Rose Gold

 The KIVA Platter in Crystal and Rose Gold is one of the most soughtafter products in the RabLabs catalogue. The product fuses elegant natural stone with 24k gold and are ideal for showcasing artisan cheeses and hors d’oeuvres. The rare stones found in the platters are polished by leading craftsmen in Brazil, with the natural edges being contoured with precious metals. The platters are scratch-resistant and feature rubber feet to protect the surfaces of your tables.

 Denise Twisted Candles

RabLabs Denise Twisted Candles are also ideal additions to your tabletop. The distinctive candles take their name from the Italian word for ‘twirl’ and are manufactured in Italy. They are available in ivory, navy, black, red and white.

 Dual Tall Vase

Another RabLabs product recently added to the Belle and June catalogue is the Dual Tall Vase. This highly-elegant accent piece is perfectly suited to all rooms in the home and is made from Carrara and finished with either a silver or brass polished finish.

Natural Druze Fim Bookends

Those wishing to showcase their literature in style are virtually guaranteed to love the RabLabs Natural Druze Fim Bookends. These bookends offer the ideal blend of modernity and nature and showcase stunning variations of colour. The gems built into the bookends and natural outgrowths from ancient lava streams that were rescued from destruction before being cut and polished via innovative processes to emphasise their natural beauty.

Contact Belle and June

You can currently save as much as 15% on orders over $150 if you use the code NEWYEAR18. To find out more about the RabLabs products supplied by Belle and June, browse the website, call 1-888-99-BELLE or send a message to [email protected].





New Year, New Pillows? Shop Luxury Pillows


Luxury Pillows - Belle and June


Belle and June is a globally-renowned source for luxury pillows from a range of leading designers. The experts at Belle and June source luxury pillows from around the world to help you add an extra dash of glamour, colour, and excitement to your home. The catalogue features a range of options including word and animal pillows to inject a new sense of fun, charm, and personality to your space and geometric design pillows that ooze contemporary style.


The final touches

If you’re ready to add a finishing touch to an impressive space that doesn’t quite feel complete as yet, invest in luxury pillows from Belle and June. Belle and June also offer luxury pillows for babies and children, which are available in various playful themes including robots and animals and look great placed on beds, sofas, beanbags, and chairs.


Halie White Throw Pillow

The highly elegant Halie White Throw Pillow has proved to be one of the most popular items in the luxury pillow catalogue of late. This pillow is currently available at a very special price and is ideal for those seeking a pillow that works well with a wide spectrum of color schemes and decorative styles. The pillow delivers eastern flair to your space and can be mixed and matched with various pillows in the Belle and June collection.


Waterford Floral Blue Decorative Pillow

Another big seller is the Waterford Floral Blue Decorative Pillow. This item is designed to help you add additional color and style to your room and can be paired with decorative vases and solid print pillows. The pillows are filled with plush down and are sold in sets of two.


New Year discounts at Belle and June

Belle and June customers can currently get 15% off orders over $150 by using the promo code NEWYEAR18 at the checkout. Free shipping on most items in the continental US is available, and the team are able to ship to more than 220 countries worldwide. To find out more, take a look around the website or call 1-888-99-BELLE. Alternatively, send an e-mail to [email protected].