Decorative Pillows

If you are getting tired of the same old décor every day, you don't need to remodel. Just bring in some decorative throw pillows to refresh your space. Toss a few on any sofa, bed, or chair for a splash of color and pizzazz to stir things up a bit! At Belle & June we believe that renewal is an important component of decorating the home and yet it is so often overlooked.

That's why we offer a wide-ranging selection of throw pillows, accent pillows, cushions, and pillow covers to spruce up your furniture and add a little spark to any room. Browse our catalog and you will find pillows of all sizes, shapes, and colors.

Buying Decorative Pillows

When you buy pillows from Belle & June, we want to make sure you are bringing home the best. We've chosen designers from all around the world whom we consider to be the leading innovative talents in home décor and furnishings. Here are some of the factors you may want to consider when choosing pillows.

Interior Decor Scheme

This is a good rule of thumb for any home décor purchase, but particularly important when you are adding new pillows in the home. Your room's color palette and temperature should have some bearing on which pillows you decide to purchase. A pillow can match the surroundings or offer a contrast in style and shade. But when your pillows become the centerpiece of the room, it's possible they're being noticed for the wrong reasons. You don't want the throw pillows to stick out like a sore thumb.


A decorative pillow should feel as good as it looks. Comfort and quality go hand in hand with every pillow in the Belle & June catalog. For comfort, your pillow can have a cover made from linen, silk, cotton, velvet, faux fur, any number of fabrics that offer unique textures to add layer and depth to the design style of the room. For quality, these same fabrics are long-lasting and will maintain their durability under the proper care and maintenance. Both the comfort and the quality of the cover will have an effect on the texture and the tactile experience.

The materials used inside the pillow are just as important as those on the outside. The type of fill placed inside the pillow can be foam, synthetic fibers, even down feathers and each one of these materials will directly affect the appearance and the feel of the product


You want your pillow to provide comfortable support and visual panache at the same time. The shape of the pillow will lend a certain intended functionality to the product beyond the visual. Some pillows are made in long, cylindrical shapes and these can be used as armrests or to offer lumbar support. Large, flat pillows can be used to cushion the head for a good night's sleep. Smaller accent pillows may be more decorative than functional.


You can use pillows to bring new life to any space in your home through the use of solid colors, neutral colors, patterns, eye-catching textures, you name it. Add them to any room to build upon an existing color palette or use patterns and embellishments to bring together multiple design elements in the space. Just keep in mind that too many pillows can present a confusing, busy, and overstuffed aesthetic to the room. Be selective in your choices and have a definite game plan in mind for choosing the right pillows for that particular room and furnishings. A bedroom, a den, even a home office, adding pillows can make a world of difference, just remember not to overdo it!

We're sure you will find the pillows and cushions you need to spruce up your space. We have the looks and sizes that you won't find at other stores and a selection that represents the most creative designers in the industry.