Find the Perfect Comfort with King Size Bedding Sheets for the Home

Posted by Belle and June on November 22, 2023

Find the Perfect Comfort with King Size Bedding Sheets for the Home

The purchase of a luxury bedding set is an important contribution to help you create the ultimate bedroom. A good night’s sleep is vital to a healthy, happy life and that’s why I have made it a priority to ensure that my bedding linens are always soft, comfortable, and offer long-lasting reliability.

If you share the same sentiments, then you’ve come to the right place. The Belle & June catalog is where you can find all of your bedding needs and, better yet, learn something about the products you want before you’re ready to make your purchase. When you have the knowledge to choose the bedding set that fits your lifestyle and your budget, only then can you truly be satisfied with the product.

So let’s discuss what you need to know about purchasing the bedding set that is best suited for you and fits your king size or california king size bed.

King Size vs. California King Size

The difference between these two bed sizes is enough to clarify that a purchase of bedding for one will not fit the other. A cal king is narrower and longer than a standard king by about four inches on both counts. I’m bringing this up because it’s easy to make a mistake when selecting the bedding sheet you wish to purchase.

Therefore, a bedding set fit for one will not be compatible with the other. So if you find sheets in a pattern or color that you really love, but they aren’t available for your king size bed, don’t make the mistake of purchasing that set in a cal king size instead. They won’t fit and you’ll end up frustrated.

What is Fiber Content?

The type of fibers used in the manufacture of your sheets affects the comfort and feel of the sheet against your skin. Before you make any other decision about your bedding, fiber count is the first thing to consider. You’ll be glad you did, because while other factors like thread count and weave are important, the type of material you’ve chosen for your bedding set will help determine how well it holds up and how well it breathes when you are at rest in the middle of the night. So if you get warm easily while you sleep and it disturbs your slumber, that’s because the fibers in your sheets don’t breathe very well, restricting airflow, and resulting in less comfortable sleeping environment.

Most premium bedding sets are manufactured from different types of high-quality cotton. Egyptian is a popular material that produces a softer, more luxurious bed sheet. Pima is another type of cotton that will provide comfort and dependability. But there are other fabrics like silk, linen, and bamboo, that can produce a top quality bedding set. Just be sure to read the label carefully, blends that incorporate polyester into the manufacturing can result in a texture that’s coarse, but increases long-lasting reliability and you won’t need to iron the sheets very often since they won’t wrinkle as easily.

The Construction of Your Sheet Set

The way the sheets are woven is another factor in how to select the right sheet set for you. There are many different weave styles that can produce a high quality premium bed sheet. Some of the most popular styles are Percale, Sateen, Twill, Satin, and each uses a tighter or looser weave to produce a softer or crisper texture and appearance.

The weave style that is best suited for you is a matter of personal preference. For instance, Sateen produces thicker, sumptuous fabrics, while Percale is a little looser and the result is a lighter-weight sheet that offers durability.

Everyone Makes a Big Deal about Thread Count

Everyone Makes a Big Deal about Thread Count

And they should…but there’s a common misconception about how thread count affects the feel of your bedding. Yes, it’s true that a higher thread count can result in a softer, more comfortable, high end sheet set. But don’t be swayed into thinking that thread count is the only determining factor that you need to consider.

The thread count of your sheets refers to the number of threads per square inch, but the type of fiber and the way those fibers are weaved are also contributing factors to the feel of the final product. Therefore, the ideal thread count is often dependent upon these other factors. For example, a lower thread count on a percale weave sheet is going to be just as preferable and comfortable as a higher thread count on a sateen weave sheet, because the sateen weave is manufactured in a way that requires more threads for the construction of that type of sheet than the percale.

So that’s why you want to consider fibers and weave before you check the thread count of your bedding sheet set.

Measure to Be Sure

Just like you can’t mix and match king size and cal king size sheet sets with their opposite sizes, don’t assume that all king or cal king size sheet sets will fit on your king or cal king bed. This is particularly crucial when it comes to getting the right fitted sheet for your specific size of mattress. This is where depth makes a difference when buying the bedding set that fits your bed.

So always measure your mattress before you buy and be sure to factor in any mattress topper that you plan to use when you sleep. Failing to account for the topper will result in your fitted sheet failing to fit properly.

Care and Maintenance of Your Sheets

Before you purchase the sheet set that fits best, make sure you’re well aware of the care instructions that are required for preserving the look and feel of the sheets you plan to buy. If this sheet set is the only set you own, you’re going to need to wash them more often than if you are swapping out multiple sets on a routine basis.

The care instructions of the sheets you’ve purchased are critical for ensuring the lifespan of the materials and avoiding any damage to the texture or structure of the fabrics. You might experience some slight shrinkage with some sheet sets but reading the care instructions before washing will help to reduce the amount of shrinkage so you can rest assured your sheets will always fit your mattress properly. In most instances, using cold or warm water will reduce the chances of shrinkage and protect the color and pattern on the sheet. Hot water is really best for sanitizing and should only be used in necessary circumstances.

Some brands offer a warranty with their sheet sets. But this can become void if you fail to follow the care instructions and damage the sheets as a result.

Where You Buy Matters

Where You Buy Matters

The Belle & June catalog offers a full selection of styles, fabrics, weaves, and thread counts from some of the best designers and brands in the business. You can find king size and california king bed sheet sets to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Once you’ve made the best choice for your sheets, you can start to take a look at duvet covers, comforters, decorative pillows, and more to outfit your bedroom and turn it into the ultimate haven for peace, rest, and relaxation. Isn’t that the whole point of a bedroom?