Styling With Gold

Posted by Belle and June on January 4, 2023

Styling With Gold

One of the hottest colors for winter is gold. A classic choice that fits in with almost any home interior décor scheme, gold exudes celebration, success, and exquisite charm. It's a warm tone that can also be represented with a metallic hue and texture. But many homeowners are sometimes reluctant to introduce gold as an enhancement to the existing interior style because it can come across as gaudy or tacky. While it's true gold is a powerful color that makes a bold statement, you just need to know the best way to combine it with your current furnishings.

Gold is a color that should be used with subtlety. Many different shades of gold at once could be a little overwhelming, especially in smaller-sized rooms. But when you add some gold accents into a room that has been defined by another prevalent color like green, red, blue, or pink, the possibilities are endless.

Metallics are very appealing and gold doesn't always have to glitter. Consider some of the many ways you can create a brand new look and innovate your style with gold. At Belle and June we offer many variations to make your home dazzle.

The Bedroom

Placing some carefully selected items in the bedroom will brighten the space as you style with gold. Bringing in objects that have a shining metallic exterior, such as a vase or matching side tables, will bring a fresh perspective. Metallic gold surfaces catch the light in just the right way and add a little lovely sparkle.

If metallics are too strong for the space, go with softer golds and brass yellow for drapes, bed linens, or even an ottoman in front of a lounge chair with gold accents such as rivets or similar colored hardware as part of its manufactured exterior.

The Living Room

There are plenty of places to strike gold in one of the most popular living spaces in the home. Start with the shelves – decorative bowls, a set of bookends, or something as simple as barware and coasters with gold filigree may be just what you need for a living room that lacks some spark.

On the walls, think of mirrors or decorative art with a gold frame to spruce things up.

The furniture can feature gold-colored throw pillows or a blanket. But be aware of the color combinations created by those new additions and the upholstery of your couch or armchair.

Even a smartly placed wastebasket in a corner of the room can make gold a welcome choice that stands out..

The Bathroom

Here is where you can take your gold style to the next level with such a wide variety of bathroom accessories that feature gold accents and colors. You don't need to have a matching set either, choose a few specific accessories and let them remain front and center on your countertop or above the toilet. If you want to pick one item and have that be your accent style, a tray that can gather and organize all of your essentials is the perfect option. It's the centerpiece of your personal hygiene regimen and it all resides in the one gold item that catches the eye of anyone who walks in.

The Dining Room

Gold has long been a staple in some of the most luxurious and lavish banquet halls throughout history. Why should your dining table be any different? A gold tablecloth sets the mood while dinnerware with metallic gold accents and matching napkin rings makes a strong impression on your guests. Soft gold napkins as a warm contrast to the rest of your interior décor.

The Belle and June Catalog

At Belle and June, we appreciate and support the vivid creativity of our clientele and strive only to provide the luxury essentials to rejuvenate and refresh your home décor. We love to embrace the bold and the vibrant and it's reflected in the unique products offered in our catalog.

No matter what room of the home requires some gold styling, we are confident you will find the pieces you need to complete your exclusive vision. We look forward to helping you bring that vision to life with a stunning collection of artists and designers that remains second to none.