Coffee Table Books

Posted by Belle and June on January 4, 2023

Coffee Table Books

There are so many reasons why we love coffee table books. These compelling oversized tomes can transport you to another world, another time, or even bring an entire collection of someone's imagination to your fingertips, all of it for viewing on the printed page. Close the book and it's still there ready to be admired and adored all over again at any time you wish.

A coffee table book can inspire, delight, amaze, and provoke, all of these feelings that come from one publication proudly featured in your home on the furniture after which it's been named, the coffee table. You can find coffee table books that glorify a multitude of interests from travel to art, photography to architectural design. You name it, there is very likely a coffee table book celebrating it.

Fine Art

Perhaps among the most popular coffee table books are those focused on the fine arts. Just think, you can have a collection of a famous artist's work reprinted in bright, colorful detail available at a glance and all you have to do is walk into your living room or den to view it. A wide array of artists have been immortalized in coffee table book form, from Warhol to Matisse.

What's great about these books is that you can collect the artists you love most and stack them one on top of the other for anyone to enjoy. Paintings and sculptures, photography and architecture, whatever you find artistic is available as a coffee table book in some form or another.


Even the most avid globetrotter can be carried away to a faraway place by just diving into a coffee table book spotlighting an old-world village or a dazzling modern city. Travel books have long been the ideal souvenir to remember a place once lived or visited for even a brief week or two.

With the large surface space of each page and incredible high-quality photographs, a coffee table book can also be a little private getaway to whet one's appetite for the day when a plane ticket to that destination may finally become a reality. Transport yourself to a dream vacation for a few minutes anytime you wish.

Luxury Brands

Some of the world's most recognizable high-end luxury brands have been the subjects of coffee table books. These brands are leaders in their respective fields from a wide range of industries. Whether it's perfume or expensive jewelry or high fashion, consumers have sought out these coffee table books to commemorate the style and sophistication that has become these companies' trademarks for decades.

Food and Beverage

A true gourmet can appreciate his or her favorite cuisine by reflecting on it across the printed page. If sushi is your thing or you have an affinity for French dining, there are coffee table books just for you. Even the most devoted wine connoisseur can find themselves lost in pages upon pages about the winemaking art and the luscious products that come from all types of grapes.

Maybe wine isn't your thing, coffee table books filled with recipes and rumination on classic and obscure cocktails might be more to your liking. But whatever your personal preference, you can have the book on the coffee table of your very own home.