Inspiration has a way of surprising us, arriving unannounced and choosing unlikely moments to manifest. For Lee Gravely and her daughters, Susan and Frances, it was during a leisurely family vacation along the picturesque Amalfi Coast that destiny unfolded. It was there, amidst the scenic beauty, that the concept of the Vietri brand took root. Stirred by the allure of Italian craftsmanship, these remarkable women felt compelled to bestow upon the world the refined splendor of handcrafted Italian dinnerware. Their explorations opened their eyes to a captivating array of practical and exquisite innovations for the dining table, igniting a creative flame within them.

The Gravely family felt really excited and inspired when they found something amazing while staying at a hotel. The plates on their dining table were hand-painted and looked incredibly beautiful. They were unlike anything they had ever seen before. The family and their closest friends really loved the plates because of the incredible skill and attention to detail that went into making them. Every time they had a meal on these special plates, it made the dining experience feel even more special and luxurious. This discovery made them believe that the craftsmanship of these plates deserved to be appreciated and admired by more people.

Lee, Susan, and Frances decided to find the best designer of these beautiful plates, and they were successful in locating the owner of the factory that made these amazing pieces. The factory owner, Don Vincenzo Solimene, showed them the process of making this exceptional dinnerware and flatware. Skilled Italian artisans with years of experience were handcrafting, painting, glazing, and firing each piece. This art was so special that people would search everywhere to find it, but they could never replicate the exact look and style of this unique dinnerware that had not been seen before in the United States.

The Gravelys decided to make these special plates available to more people in America because they discovered that Mr. Solimene hadn't made them widely accessible. Lee, Susan, and Frances wanted to share the talent of Mr. Solimene's artisans with everyone, so they ordered different pieces that showcased the beautiful patterns and images they loved about the plates. These orders represented the high quality and craftsmanship that had originally inspired them to visit Mr. Solimene's factory.

These pieces were the foundation of the first-ever Vietri dinnerware line, which is most famous for being called the Campagna collection.

When the Gravelys came back home, they told their friends and family about what they had found in Italy. Lee and her daughters were right in their thinking because everyone they talked to had the same reaction - they all wanted to have this dinnerware for themselves, to use it on their own dining tables every night. They saw this beautiful art as a way to connect with the people they were sharing meals with, making the dining experience even better whether it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Whether they were having guests over or just feeding their own family, the Gravelys knew right away that they had found something special.

This is how the Vietri brand came into existence.

Before the Gravelys went back to the United States, they made agreements to become distributors of Mr. Solimene's dinnerware in the country. The women then focused on learning how to run an import business. They needed to educate themselves about things like placing orders, figuring out the worth of each piece, and finding the best methods to transport them from Italy.

But that's not all. While the Gravelys were still figuring out the expenses of running this business, like how much shipping would cost and where to buy boxes in large quantities, they were also out and about showcasing Mr. Solimene's handmade dinnerware. They personally demonstrated the high quality and beauty of each piece to people in different places.

Now you can enjoy the same high-quality and elegant dinnerware that Lee Gravely and her daughters found on the Amalfi Coast a long time ago. We are excited to showcase the Vietri collection in the Belle and June catalog.

Discover the exquisite artistry of Vietri. Each piece is meticulously crafted and painted by skilled Italian artisans. We source only the finest clay from the esteemed regions of Campania, Umbria, and Tuscany in Italy. Our timeless dinnerware showcases the use of reliable and tested glazes and glass for unmatched functionality and beauty. Elevate your dining experience with our proud collection.

Experience timeless luxury and elegance with Vietri dinnerware sets. For almost forty years, the Gravelys have been captivated by the brand's allure. Inspired by the beauty of the Italian countryside, Vietri continues to create exquisite products for your home. Discover the enchantment in every dinner plate, glass, and bowl from Vietri.

Discover the remarkable evolution of the Vietri brand, from its humble beginnings with the Campagna line to a stunning array of exquisite Italian dinnerware collections. Explore a world of elegant dinnerware, serving ware, flatware, and more – all crafted with precision and artistry. Elevate your dining experience with the discerning taste of Vietri.

Experience the rich tradition and culture of Italy with our exclusive Vietri label. Discover the perfect blend of quality and craftsmanship, tailored just for you.

Before you buy any Vietri Dinnerware from Belle and June, we want to share some tips with you. These tips will help you choose the right dinnerware for different occasions, whether it's hosting a special event or having a regular family dinner on a busy night. Consider this as a helpful guide to make the best choices when selecting your dinnerware pieces.

Buying the right amount of Vietri dinnerware

Planning a dinner party? Consider getting a dinnerware set instead of individual pieces. This way, you can easily accommodate multiple guests. Vietri dinnerware comes in various sizes, making it convenient to store and use whenever needed. If you have limited space, opt for smaller sizes. But if you have plenty of storage, go for both larger and smaller items.


The value of a dinnerware piece comes from how much you use it. When you buy Vietri dinnerware, you can be confident that it will last a long time. However, consider your lifestyle too. Porcelain pieces are more resistant to chips and cracks compared to stoneware or earthenware. Porcelain may look delicate, but it's actually quite durable. The other materials, although heavier, are more prone to chipping, but they are still strong. Vietri has designed their dinnerware to be both practical and durable, even in busy households.

We absolutely love Vietri, and we want to share the entire collection with our valued customers. Take your time to explore and see all the wonderful options we have available. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, please feel free to email us whenever it's convenient for you. We'll be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect Vietri set that meets your needs.