Sugarboo Designs

Sugarboo Designs

Belle and June carries Sugarboo designs. These are some of the most sought after and treasured items to hit the luxury decor market in a long time. Fun, sentimental, inspirational, filled with love and warm fuzzy feelings, this décor makes the perfect gift for friends, family, and you. Choose from a wide array of luxury accents that all come with a very meaningful message. When it comes to the last word in home decor and gifts you will love, turn to Sugarboo and Co.

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One of the most unique voices in the luxury décor market, Belle and June now carries a wide array of Sugarboo and Co products because they bring inspirational meaning to décor. If your sensibilities run towards the sentimental, these inspirational gift items and accessories offer something for every taste and occasion. The Sugarboo collection that we offer includes sugarboos from wall art to table picture frames, throw pillows to home accessories, all of these Sugarboo designs thoughtfully crafted to feed the mind and soul. You can feel good about putting these items of décor in your cart. These products have been fan favorites for years.

Why We Love Sugarboo

Rebecca Puig, founder and chief creative force behind the Sugarboo name and collection of designs, has built this brand with her husband, Rick, as a means for finding the unique in the every day. She finds the inspiration for her best designs in her family, the wonders of nature, the beautiful complexity of animals and the simple pleasures in old things, like a horse-drawn cart or a simple vase. The Puigs are also enamored with the aesthetics of children's art and folk art to inform the products in the Sugarboo and Co line. Through these inspirational resources, the Sugarboo collection likes to examine opposites. Mixing the old with the new, matching light with dark, viewing the serious through a light-hearted prism, these contradictions fuel the imagination at Sugarboo and all of the products and designs they sell.

The Sugarboo brand is all about bringing light into the world, doing good whenever and wherever feasible, and all the designs that bear the Sugarboo name have been carefully crafted to bring happiness and comfort into any home. That's why we love Sugarboo, their mandate towards providing our discerning customers with the art and accessories to make a beautiful statement in every household.

The Power of the Word

At Belle and June, we love these selections from the Sugarboo collection that we feel best reflect the uncommon personality attributes of our customer base. To that end, we are proud to offer a diverse and captivating line of Sugarboo art prints that place an emphasis on the printed word as an objet d'art. We believe that words have the power to fascinate, provoke, inspire, and spark the imagination. With that in mind, we are offer a variety of Sugarboo designs showcasing quotes from the Dalai Lama, John Lennon, Ray Bradbury, Roald Dahl, Frederick Buechner, and Audrey Hepburn, just to name a few you may want to consider placing in your cart.

But quotes are just the beginning of this collection, the Sugarboo art prints at Belle and June also offer wall art, photo boxes, frames, wall tarps, and photo boxes that feature the English language in all of its glory. You may prefer to be reminded of the insight of Maya Angelou or the wit of e.e.cummings hanging in your living room or an office wall or arrange your own words of wisdom with a beautiful set of vintage homemade wood blocks.