Regina Andrew Design

Belle and June – Regina Andrew Design

The creators of Regina Andrew Design (RAD for short) have a very particular goal in mind: To design and manufacture products for the marketplace that expertly combine form and function. Based in Detroit, affectionately referred to as the “Paris of the Midwest”, Regina Andrew Design crafts home furniture, lighting, and décor that is built domestically with sustainable materials for a smaller carbon footprint. Their approach to design incorporates a strong emphasis on searching high and low to discover new materials from all around the world and utilizing them to maximum effect.

Founders Carla Regina and James “Jimi” Andrew want to electrify any room in which their products are featured, from the largest sectionals to the smallest accessories, Regina Andrew Design is about sparking creativity and imagination. Every piece is created as a labor of love with an eye toward minute detail and lasting quality craftsmanship. Each product in the Regina Andrew Design collection aims for a timeless aesthetic, bucking trends and ignoring fads, these products are intended to last far longer than the latest flavor of the month concept or color scheme in the world of design.

While they are constantly innovating, always improving, and always looking ahead to find the next source of inspiration, the conceptualists and artisans of Regina Andrew Design remain steadfast and dedicated to protecting the environment through sustainability in all aspects of the development and manufacturing processes. Regina Andrew Design continues this commitment as an award winner in their sustainable practices. From the corporate offices to the company warehouses, all facilities bearing the brand trademark are 100% solar-powered. Recycled materials are used at every possible opportunity, whether for packaging the products or for the design and manufacturing of the products themselves. This is a point of pride for Regina Andrew Design, finding the beauty and unique appeal of turning reclaimed materials into new products for a discerning clientele.

Belle and June is proud to feature a variety of Regina Andrew Design products and accessories in our catalog because their work is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship, a fearless outlook on experimentation in new materials, and turning old-fashioned concepts of design into fresh, intriguing new directions that we are sure our customers will find refreshing and exciting.

Browse the Regina Andrew Design collection in our catalog today and explore all the ways you can transform your home with a vast array of remarkable furnishings and décor. The RAD point of view is compelling. Come see what everyone is talking about.