Quetzal Wine Glass (Set of 4)


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Quetzal. It’s kind of a funky word. But if you’ve ever seen a Quetzal byrd in Costa Rica, you will understand why these colors landed in our collection. Talk about gorgeous! We are thrilled to be the wine glasses designed with the Quetzal in mind, with subtle shades of pinks and greens fluttering throughout. And when you clink us together for a toast, we make a beautiful sound, just like this byrd. That’s due to us being made of crystal. And we’re handmade, so each of us is unique and fabulous. Each color is sold in a set of 4.

Dimensions: H: 9.4" x W: 3" Capacity: 14oz (400mL) 

Colors: Pink and Green

Handblown Lead-Free Crystal

Quetzal Wine Glass (Set of 4) by Byrdeen

About Byrdeen

Byrdeen was hatched in 2022, ready for our new venture to take flight and see the world. Based in Orange County, California, they designed a glassware line that is fun and playful and elegant, with each piece inspired by something real and memorable. Their glasses are made of handblown crystal, uniquely crafted by skilled glassmakers.

Materials & Care
  • Handblown Lead-Free Crystal
  • Hand Wash Only
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