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A well organized home is an emotionally healthier and happier place to live. From the desk to the bath and beyond, Pigeon and Poodle provides what you need to keep your home well organized and looking beautiful. They are truly one of our favorite featured brands.

All the Decor and Accessories You Need

Our line of Pigeon & Poodle products are designed to help make your living space unique and comfortable. In our view, the Pigeon and Poodle approach to home decorating is all about attention to detail in every room of the house. Pigeon and Poodle bath accessory sets make bathroom organization a snap and Pigeon and Poodle decor sets make excellent gifts that your friends and family will use and enjoy for years to some.

The quality of the Pigeon and Poodle line reflects our enthusiasm for bringing new and innovative furnishings and accessories to our customers that place an emphasis on simple functionality and pleasing aesthetics. Every piece we bring to market with the Pigeon and Poodle name upon it represents the level of careful dedication and thought we put into the design of our products and sets.

You can see it in Pigeon & Poodle desk sets, built to keep stress levels at a minimum by helping you organize your bills and work documents for quick easy access and give you a greater feeling of control over your workspace. You can also find it in our Pigeon and Poodle picture frames, candle holders, and trays for the dresser, throws, all of which make wonderful housewarming gifts.

A Trusted Supplier for Hospitality

Some of the most luxurious and world-renowned hospitality brands have turned to the innovative talents and unique style of Pigeon & Poodle to pamper their guests. Boasting a client list that includes the Ritz-Carlton, the Four Seasons, the St. Regis, the Fairmont, the Viceroy Chicago, and the Hyatt chain of hotels and resorts, Pigeon & Poodle is a brand of inspiration. Their uncompromising approach to design has made them one of the most exciting design houses in the market today.

A name synonymous with sustainability in the materials and techniques that are employed to create their wide array of products, Pigeon & Poodle can be found in popular hotels and resorts throughout the world.

Now you can bring that same opulence to your home with furnishings, accessories, and timeless décor worthy of the most popular and highly-respected leaders of the international hospitality industry.

Belle & June has the products you want from this contemporary team of designers that have positioned Pigeon & Poodle as a leader in both the hospitality and home décor industries.

From Tissue Box to Soap Pump, Pigeon & Poodle Has Everything

The Belle & June catalog offers Pigeon & Poodle products for multiple rooms in your home. Our Pigeon & Poodle bathroom accessories bring diverse benefits of design, from our beautiful soap and toothbrush holders to handcrafted bath canisters, soap pumps, and tissue boxes. All of these luxurious Pigeon and Poodle bath products are crafted to elevate your bathroom and improve not just the look but the feel of this private space. We have options for every home, every interior design, and most important, every size budget.

The Pigeon & Poodle bar collection marries the ideal of functionality and aesthetics together into a versatile collection of coaster sets, trays, ice buckets, napkin holder sets, and more. We have a Pigeon and Poodle product for any home or office bar space that will up your game and make everyone you entertain take notice.

We fuel our passion for design by finding inspiration in the little things. Every Pigeon and Poodle furnishing we sell brings a little piece of the world at large into the privacy of your home, with a vast array of influences from around the globe.

The Pigeon & Poodle mission is simple, find something new in everything we create. Whether that means turning to obscure and unusual materials in the manufacture of a product or exploring existing collections from a whole different perspective, you can be sure that any purchase from Pigeon and Poodle is intended to amaze the senses, at a price that will make you smile.

We hope you love using our products as much as we love designing and realizing them for your enjoyment. Take a look at the wide range of home décor options available on our website. If you love Pigeon and Poodle check out our other brands such as the exciting Made Goods decor.