Noir Furniture

Founded in 2004, Noir Furniture is dedicated to creating dynamic and fascinating home furnishings that engage the imagination in every room of the home. Their mission is simple: design and build furniture that is both eclectic and affordable. Noir home décor products are manufactured with the highest quality materials by experts at the task. The level of thought put into the functionality and aesthetics of each product is second to none and we are proud to offer the Noir collection as part of the Belle and June catalog.

Get to Know Noir Furniture

Established by the design team of Georg Baehler and Stephanie Lu in 2004, the Noir brand has become synonymous with hand-crafted elegance, style and originality. With nearly 2000 pieces built to last for generations to come, there is something for everyone.

Each piece begins the old-fashioned way: with a hand-drawn sketch by Baehler. He pulls inspiration from a variety of sources, including his European upbringing, nature, art history, music, fashion, and pop culture. Blending classical, mid century modern, and contemporary design, he ensures each Noir piece stands out among other home furnishings.

Baehler’s boundless creativity has set the standard for the company’s aesthetic and manufacturing process. The best craftsmen in the business work with sustainable materials to produce a completely unique collection of home furnishings.

The Noir Furniture Collection

The sophisticated inspirations of Georg Baehler shine in each piece of Noir furniture. From console tables to dining tables, sideboards to dressers, the attention to detail is clear. While some pieces offer subtlety, others provide opulent elegance.

The brand remains forward thinking in both design and manufacturing. Noir has become dedicated to incorporating more green materials to provide sustainably produced furniture to homeowners around the world.

At Belle and June, we offer a wide range of Noir Furniture. If you’re looking to add unique, modern furniture to your space, you’ll love Noir. Furnishings like beds and coffee tables can take center stage, while side tables and dressers add gorgeous accents.

Shop our Noir Furniture catalog and see what inspires you today.