Noir Furniture

Founded in 2004, Noir Furniture is dedicated to creating dynamic and fascinating home furnishings that engage the imagination in every room of the home. Their mission is simple – design and build furniture that is both eclectic and affordable. Noir home décor products are manufactured with the highest quality materials by experts at the task. The level of thought put into the functionality and aesthetics of each product is second to none and we are proud to offer the Noir collection as part of the Belle and June catalog.

Get to Know Noir Furniture

Established by the design team of Georg Baehler and Stephanie Lu, the Noir brand has become synonymous with hand-crafted elegance and originality to inspire the senses. In the eighteen years since its inception, the Noir brand continues to surprise and amaze with nearly 2000 different pieces that are built to last for generations to come.

The reason for that long-lasting durability lies in the simplicity of the sketches that are drawn by hand in the initial stages of design. Each piece begins the old-fashioned way as Baehler puts pencil to paper to illustrate his inspirations in meticulous detail. This is how the Noir brand becomes infused with its inimitable style as Baehler's innovative eye for design is found in the smallest of details.

His boundless creativity has set the standard for the company's aesthetic and manufacturing processes that rely upon the best craftsmen in the business working with local and sustainable materials to present a completely unique collection of exquisite home furnishings. As the company's chief designer, Baehler emphasizes originality while calling upon classic motifs to influence and shape his creations. The result is a distinctive line of furniture for use in the living room, the bedroom, the dining room, and even kitchen furniture that works as both a conversation piece and a practical tool for everyday use.

The Noir Furniture Collection

Whether it's a Noir furniture console, a Noir furniture desk, or any piece of Noir bedroom furniture, the sophisticated inspirations of Georg Baehler are seen in every minute detail. Baehler's affections clearly skew towards the classical, the traditional, the modern mid-century, and more as he calls upon new and exciting design sources for insight and motivation to continue the Noir Furniture legacy.

The full inventory makes a bold statement even while some pieces offer subtlety in their design, others offer a more grandiose aesthetic profile as part of your home décor and furnishings. But there is so much more ahead for Georg Baehler, Stephanie Lu and the Noir Furniture collection. The brand remains forward thinking in its sensibilities for the next step ahead in the evolution of interior luxury and comfort. The same can be said for their attention to quality and choice of materials in the construction of the inventory. Sustainability has long been a driving force behind the creative process of the design teams of Noir Furniture, their latest releases are no exception and the company has shown no signs of diverting from their intent to use only these materials for their future products.

At Belle and June we have a wide range of Noir Furniture to meet the needs of our most discerning clientele who are eager to incorporate intelligent design and lasting reliability into the interior schemes of their homes. As always, they are available at prices that are both affordable and fair for the level of quality these pieces offer to the consumer. These furnishings can take center stage in any room or work as complementary accents to enhance an existing interior décor scheme.

Noir Furniture products are here to meet every need at any budget and provide our customers with the furnishings they desire to make the home a place of comfort, familiarity, and effortless luxury.

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