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Jandaya Saddle Brown Wallpaper

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Jandaya is a vibrant and bold wallpaper pattern that features repeating columns of tropical bird-like markings. The colorful design is inspired by the lush and exotic life of the tropics, bringing a touch of color to any space. The intricate patterning is a feast for the eyes, with each roll offering a new and mesmerizing display of color and form. Whether you're looking to add a wild touch to your home or simply want to make a statement with your wallpaper choice, Jandaya is the perfect choice for those who want to live and work in color.

Pattern: Jandaya

Pattern Repeat: 18.75"

Available Options:
Premium Matte Paper 2 ft x 10 ft roll 
Removable Peel & Stick 2 ft x 10 ft roll
Sample Premium Matte Paper 8.5" x 11" sheet
Sample Removable Peel & Stick 8.5" x 11" sheet

Color: Saddle Brown

Available Materials: Premium Matte Paper or Removable Peel & Stick

Note: Each wallpaper order is CUSTOM PRINTED for color consistency. We recommend you calculate the total amount needed for a single pattern before placing order. Future orders of the same item may vary slightly in color.


Jandaya Saddle Brown Wallpaper by Mitchell Black

About Mitchell Black

Mitchell Black was built on the concept of creating beautiful spaces. Their collections are created by designers and artists to bring living spaces to life. They believe in the concept of customized, bespoke wallpaper and decor as a service to design industry professionals. They support the design professionals to realize unique, conceptual interiors with our digitally printed wallpaper, murals, floor mats, and fabrics. They also offer design services.

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