Emilio Robba

Lauded across the globe as the “Sculptor of Flowers”, Emilio Robba has gained international renown as a photographer and floral designer, working closely with the world's top architects, hospitality chains, and design firms to craft spectacular floral environments as permanent fixtures at some of the most luxurious and highly-regarded properties.

With over 70 locations around the world, Emilio Robba has turned his unique eye for floral design into a well-respected brand synonymous with prestige and luxury.

Now you can bring the Emilio Robba Brand into your home as we feature a gorgeous collection of bowls, candle holders, vases, and more. Each one a refreshingly new addition to spruce up each room of the house with a splash of color and panache in Robba’s inimitable floral design style that has made him such a sought-after artist.

Bring the Outside World Indoors

One of the prevailing mission statements of the Emilio Robba brand is to utilize elements of the outside environment as a source of decor for accessorizing rooms throughout the home or office. This methodology for design is evident in every glass bowl, vase, and candle holder that bears the Emilio Robba name.

Browse our catalog to explore the world of Emilio Robba and you will see his inspiration and creativity in every piece. For example, the flower bowls are custom-made using blue cosmos or fuchsia phalaenopsis flowers embedded within Robba’s exclusive “illusion water” material, creating an eye-catching centerpiece that will be a topic of conversation anytime you entertain guests.

Along with a line of permanent botanicals that feature prominently in the Belle & June catalog, the Emilio Robba brand brings dazzling color and life-like reality to your home or office.

Available in a spectrum of bright and beautiful colors, the Emilio Robba collection offers one-of-a-kind products to complement any home.

No Two Pieces Alike

One of the many attributes that we find so compelling about the Emilio Robba collection is that each piece is custom made to order, making each flower bowl and candle holder its own entirely individual objet d’art. Every one of them is a unique piece where no two are exactly alike.

Even the vases are handcrafted in America and each one comes with a faux arrangement of silk flowers to complete the piece. The perfect gift for that special someone who can be hard to shop for around the holidays or for a birthday. An authentic Emilio Robba original piece of home decor is the ideal solution.