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Castiel Grey and Charcoal Stool


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Each piece is handmade, never mass-produced, and built to withstand varied elements and temperatures.

A refreshing interpretation of classic terrazzo, the Castiel is a beautifully functional stool that can also serve as a table or outdoor accent. Three different mortar and stone combinations offer options from clean to solid.

Dimensions: 14"D X 17"H

Color: Grey Mix and Charcoal

Material: Reinforced Terrazzo

Note: Outdoor Safe

Castiel Grey and Charcoal Stool by Made Goods

About Made Goods

Made Goods is a wholesale brand focused on creating special statement pieces for designers and boutiques. Our pieces are designed by us and distinguished by the use of unusual materials, unexpected proportions and thoughtful design. We love what we do and hope you enjoy exploring our collection in more detail

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