Get ready to be inspired by the unexpected! Lee Gravely and her daughters, Susan and Frances, were on a relaxing family vacation along the stunning Amalfi Coast when something magical happened. The idea for the Casafina brand was born in the midst of this beautiful scenery. Enthralled by the craftsmanship of Italy, these incredible women felt a calling to share the elegance of handcrafted Italian dinnerware with the world. As they explored, they discovered a world of practical and exquisite innovations for the dining table, igniting a creative spark within them. Join them on their journey to bring refined beauty to your home.

The Gravely family was absolutely stoked when they stumbled upon something incredible during their hotel stay. The dining table's plates were hand-painted and stunningly beautiful, unlike anything they'd ever seen before. Both the family and their closest pals were blown away by the amazing skill and attention to detail put into making these plates. Every meal on those special plates felt like a fancy, luxurious dining experience. It made them think that more people should get to appreciate and admire the incredible craftsmanship behind these plates.

Lee, Susan, and Frances were determined to track down the genius behind those stunning plates, and guess what? They succeeded in finding the factory owner, Don Vincenzo Solimene! He proudly showed them how these exceptional dinnerware and flatware pieces were made. The process was truly an art form, with skilled Italian artisans using their years of experience to handcraft, paint, glaze, and fire each and every piece. The result was so one-of-a-kind that people searched high and low but could never replicate the exact look and style of this unique dinnerware that had never been seen before in the United States.

The Gravelys thought it was a shame that Mr. Solimene's special plates weren't easily available to more people in America. So, Lee, Susan, and Frances decided to step in and fix that. They wanted everyone to experience the amazing talent of Mr. Solimene's artisans, so they placed orders for various pieces that highlighted the gorgeous patterns and images they admired on the plates. These orders were a testament to the top-notch quality and skill they had witnessed at Mr. Solimene's factory.

These exquisite pieces laid the foundation for the very first Casafina dinnerware line, famously known as the Campagna collection.

Upon returning home, the Gravely family shared their discovery with friends and family, and the response was overwhelming. Everyone they spoke to wanted to own this captivating dinnerware and use it on their own dining tables every day. They saw the artistry as a means to connect with those they shared meals with, enhancing the dining experience for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Whether entertaining guests or dining with their own family, the Gravelys immediately recognized the special nature of what they had found.

This is how the Casafina brand came into being.

Before departing Italy, the Gravelys secured distribution agreements with Mr. Solimene to introduce his dinnerware to the United States market. Subsequently, they focused on learning the intricacies of running an import business. This included educating themselves on order placement, determining the value of each piece, and devising optimal transportation methods to bring the dinnerware from Italy to the United States.

During the early stages of establishing their business, the Gravelys faced various financial challenges, including determining shipping costs and finding reliable sources for bulk packaging. However, they were undeterred and actively promoted Mr. Solimene's exquisite handmade dinnerware to audiences far and wide. They personally showcased the exceptional quality and beauty of each piece, leaving a lasting impression on people from different regions.

Today, you have the privilege of experiencing the same level of excellence and elegance that Lee Gravely and her daughters discovered on the Amalfi Coast many years ago. We are thrilled to present the Casafina collection in the Belle and June catalog.

Discover the unparalleled artistry of Casafina dinnerware, meticulously crafted and painted by skilled Italian artisans. Each piece is created using the finest clay sourced from esteemed regions in Italy, including Campania, Umbria, and Tuscany. Our timeless dinnerware showcases the use of reliable and tested glazes and glass, resulting in unparalleled functionality and beauty. Elevate your dining experience with our proud collection and savor the essence of true craftsmanship.

Indulge in luxury and sophistication with Casafina dinnerware sets. For almost four decades, the Gravelys have been captivated by the brand's allure. Drawing inspiration from the picturesque Italian countryside, Casafina continues to create exceptional products for your home. Experience sheer enchantment with every dinner plate, glass, and bowl from Casafina.

Witness the extraordinary journey of the Casafina brand, from its modest beginnings with the Campagna line to a breathtaking array of exquisite Italian dinnerware collections. Delve into a world of refined dinnerware, serving ware, flatware, and more - all meticulously crafted with precision and artistic flair. Elevate your dining experience with the refined taste of Casafina.

Immerse yourself in the authentic tradition and culture of Italy with our exclusive Casafina label. Delight in the impeccable combination of quality and craftsmanship, curated to cater to your preferences.

Before making your purchase of Casafina Dinnerware from Belle and June, we would like to offer some valuable tips. These insights will aid you in selecting the ideal dinnerware for various occasions, whether you're hosting a special event or simply enjoying a regular family dinner on a bustling night. Consider this guide as your valuable resource to make informed choices when selecting your dinnerware pieces.

Buying the right amount of Casafina dinnerware

Enhance your dinner party planning with a versatile dinnerware set. Embrace the convenience of accommodating multiple guests effortlessly. Casafina dinnerware offers a range of sizes, ensuring easy storage and usage for any occasion. Maximize limited space with smaller sizes, or indulge in a variety of larger and smaller items if storage is abundant. Elevate your entertainment with the perfect dinnerware solution.


Discover the true worth of a dinnerware piece through its frequent use. With Casafina dinnerware, you can trust in its long-lasting quality. Consider your lifestyle and opt for porcelain pieces, which offer enhanced resistance to chips and cracks compared to stoneware or earthenware options. Porcelain may possess an exquisite appearance, but it exudes durability. Other materials, though heavier, remain resilient despite being more susceptible to chipping. Casafina has ingeniously crafted their dinnerware to effortlessly withstand the demands of busy households while maintaining utmost practicality and durability.

We are truly passionate about Casafina, and we're thrilled to present the entire collection to our esteemed customers. Take your time to browse and discover the array of wonderful options available. If you don't find precisely what you're seeking, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at your convenience. We are here to help you find the perfect Casafina set that perfectly matches your needs and preferences. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we look forward to assisting you in any way we can.