Blue Pheasant

Blue Pheasant

The Blue Pheasant brand has been built on the belief that the kitchen is the most popular room in the house. It's where we dine, entertain, and gather friends and family to make memories to last a lifetime. Keeping that idea in mind, Blue Pheasant has designed and crafted every piece in their catalog to be exquisite and functional to make your home welcoming and beautiful.

Their loving attention to detail has been carefully curated by the brand's highly-skilled artisans, putting a handcrafted touch to everything they do, from handmade flatware to placemats, glassware to dinnerware, and anything in between to give your kitchen that unique reflection of your personal taste.

The brand's approach to their products is wide-ranging, relying upon traditional craftsmanship to create vintage aesthetics and forward-thinking design cues to build modern and innovative pieces. The driving force that inspires Blue Pheasant's team of designers is the idea that every piece they sell is intended to be mixed and matched with other pieces from the collection. Patterns that co-exist among multiple items of tableware, colors that complement and contrast, and centerpieces that are bound to be conversation starters.

Their attitude toward creating every piece in their collection of products is informed by manufacturing processes that are hundreds of years old. Tried and true methods that continue to stand the test of time, resulting in exceptional products that are designed to endure the highest levels of wear and tear.

Blue Pheasant offers something for every taste, every budget, and every décor scheme in the home. At Belle and June we are proud to include Blue Pheasant in our catalog because they continue to amaze and impress with their creativity and craftsmanship.

Multi-faceted Research and Design

The best products are expertly designed and built for durability. To achieve these goals, Blue Pheasant has undertaken years of on-going research into just what makes the perfect piece of kitchenware and how to produce it using natural materials and putting in careful thought into how that piece will function on your dining table. Their exhaustive commitment into researching sizes, shapes, weights, and dimensions to ensure every piece is comfortable to use and serves its designated purpose to the best of its ability has been a hallmark of the company from its inception.

Handmade dinnerware, flatware, glassware and linens, all of it put to the test under scrutiny so that everything with the Blue Pheasant name is a showcase of their dedication to the highest standards of quality. These are not mass produced items churned out in a factory and warehoused en masse. Each Blue Pheasant plate, bowl, utensil, fine linen, you name it, has been tested and refined to ensure that optimal functionality is at the forefront of design.

Anything less would go against the company's mission statement to craft products that make sure every minute you spend preparing the perfect meal is worth it. These items fulfill that old adage of having the right tool for the job. When it comes to putting a meal on the table to provide for your family and loved ones, nothing less than Blue Pheasant products will suffice.

Hand Crafted Peculiarity

Since every piece is hand crafted, there will be noticeable variations from one piece to the next. These slight imperfections are the badge of honor that make Blue Pheasant one of the most enduring brands today. These visible differences between similar pieces in a collection calls your attention to the hand-painted aesthetics of the brand's skilled artisans. These small variations are not defects or mistakes in the manufacturing process, they are evident signs that you have purchased more than just tableware but works of art. Our clientele understand that items may vary just slightly in color or size between what is viewed in our catalog or website and what arrives at your home. Colors might be inconsistent from one piece of dinnerware to the next. They may both be red, but one may have a slightly darker shade than the other by comparison. That is because each piece has been handmade by humans and humans are not perfect. The artist who made each piece has made an indelible impression upon it. The imperfections are the signature of the artist.

There will be tiny incongruities on every product, so each Blue Pheasant piece is indeed one of a kind. These small flaws and blemishes are not only expected but they help to add remarkable detail that is uniquely specific to made-by-hand products.

What's not acceptable is a chipped edge, an incomplete glazing job, any manufacturing defect of any piece is not charming, it's damage. At Belle and June we do not sell damaged products, so if your piece is showing signs of defect or damage that make the piece unsafe or unsuitable for proper use, you can send it back and Blue Pheasant will replace it with an item that has not sustained damage. The brand maintains the utmost standards for safety and quality. They back their products with a full guarantee that every piece is safe and ready for you and your guests to enjoy.

Making Your Purchase

We want your Blue Pheasant dinnerware experience to be a positive one. What you place on your tabletop says a lot about who you are and how you see the world. The food, the drinks, the dinnerware you offer to your guests makes a statement. If the food you serve is an extension of your love and generosity for those whom you have invited to sit at your table, your dinnerware should show your love and appreciation for your guests as well.

When you're ready to choose the dinnerware that speaks to you, think about your home décor, think about the additional tabletop accents that you own, and above all, think about the taste and style to which you feel a deep connection. You are bound to identify the pieces that fit best in your home from the Blue Pheasant catalog. There is so much from which to choose.