Organize Your Space

Posted by Belle and June on December 12, 2022

Organize Your Space

It's never been easier or more enjoyable to organize your home. Whether it's the kitchen, the living room, master bedroom, or a bathroom, decluttering and establishing a system for storage can make any tired living space feel new again and expand the amount of functional area in a small apartment or condominium.

At Belle and June, we offer a wide array of storage solutions for any home organization challenge and every budget. Our catalog is filled with products that can tackle any task for keeping your home decluttered and beautifully maintained.

Locating the Problem Areas

Take a look around your home. What do you see? Overstuffed countertops? Clothes strewn about on the floor? Books and magazines stacked across your coffee table? Pointing out the areas of the home that are making you anxious because they are unkempt and disorganized is often a simple exercise because you are faced with these problems every day.

Plenty of work to be done, little to no time to do it. You want to address these issues but you're either too busy or too overwhelmed as to how you should start organizing your home.

The angst ends here and now. We're going to offer some of the best and more effective suggestions for getting the clutter under control and putting everything in its right place.


The most important room in the house. This is where you cook your meals, enjoy them with family, and it's the place where guests like to gather when you're entertaining. There is a lot going on in this central hub of your home and organization is paramount in this room.

Decluttering your kitchen cabinets is the first step to getting organized. Clear out all of the things you don't need or no longer use. (How many orphaned and mismatched Tupperware lids are just hanging around unused and forgotten behind all of those containers?) Once you've tossed what you no longer need or use, think about what's left and how you can better organize your cabinet space to your advantage.

When it comes to food, your cabinets can become disheveled and overstuffed pretty quick. But while you wouldn't decide to place those items on the countertop in their original packaging, using decorative canisters and bottles will not only help organize your cabinets and pantry, but add a decorative splash to your kitchen interior.

Pasta, sugar, coffee, all of these weekly staples of your lifestyle can be taken from your cabinets shelves and stored in kitchen canister sets from Vietri and Casafina. A decorative olive oil bottle is a convenient and delightful way to store and use this essential liquid for cooking and enjoying hors d'oeuvres and appetizers.

When it's time to sit down for a meal at your dining table with friends and family, cloth napkins are a must. Keep them folded and ready for use in one of our Pigeon and Poodle White Somerset Baskets placed in the middle of the table and always easy to reach.

Don't neglect the drawers either. Open up more space by removing cooking utensils from a packed drawer that gets stuck all too often and keeping them organized in a countertop utensil holder from Casafina or Arte Italica.

Living Room

Keeping the living room organized can be a tough challenge, especially in homes with multiple family members who spend a lot of time in this central living space. But with some thoughtful planning, you can find ways to keep the clutter to a minimum and make this area much more functional.

The coffee table can turn to chaos before you know it. TV and electronic component remote controls, books, odds and ends, they can all start to be scattered without any form or function. But a set of Nantucket Shelf Baskets from Pigeon and Poodle is all you need to put that clutter in check. Place all your remotes and game controllers in these baskets and move them from the coffee table to shelves beneath or near your entertainment center. This stuff will take up less space and you won't need to worry about losing any important media items.

As for those books that just seem to keep piling one on top of the other and taking up critical coffee table real estate, consider some additional shelving. Made Goods offers two different bookcase and hutch combinations to match or accent your home's interior design. Those books of all shapes and sizes that have been proliferating in piles now have a new home away from the coffee table and ready for review along shelves where you can alphabetize these tomes for quick access. The hutch compartments underneath the shelving offers more storage opportunities, you can even relocate those shelf baskets of remote controls as the lower two-shelf storage space can accommodate these items concealed behind your choice of rattan or belgian linen screens.


A well-maintained and organized bathroom is imperative. This sacred space is your evening respite from a long, tiring day or your morning prep station for the busy schedule ahead. When your bathroom is a place of zen and calm, life is good.

The big challenge here is that many bathrooms don't have enough storage to keep everything organized in the manner that you would prefer. Bath towels, toilet paper rolls, toiletries, and the like all need a place to live without piling up on the sink or the back of the toilet.

When storage space is at a premium or your wall mirror does not have a medicine cabinet stashed behind it, you'll want to turn to a variety of storage alternatives to keep it all properly arranged with a pleasing aesthetic.

For towels, both large and small, a good option is to put all your clean linens is a tall seagrass basket from Pigeon and Poodle. At a size of 16"D x 21"H, a seagrass basket can keep your towels well-organized and ready for you or your guests when they need to clean up. Place this basket in a corner of the room or under an open design sink.

Decorative boxes can be useful for storing those daily toiletries in a vessel that is pleasing to the eye and matches your room's décor. A set of coastal decorative boxes from Global Views provide three sizes of countertop or shelf placement storage that handles the small items from razors to clippers to toothbrush and flossers with big visual style in a bone material in ivory and gray. These neutral tones will fit in just about any interior.

Even your facial tissues can match the rest of the bathroom with a variety of box options in our catalog. From abaca fiber to antique mirror to ceramic to resin in a wide range of colors and visual design choices. Gone are the days of the cheap looking cardboard box, your bathroom deserves better and so do you.

Don't let the storage under the sink get out of hand either. A set of Pigeon and Poodle Madison Nested Baskets can hold it all, from those toilet paper rolls to cleaning supplies. Use one under the sink, place the other next to it and offer dry and clean hand towels to your guests the next time you entertain.

Lastly, if it's the master bath you're trying to organize, then you should think about placing a laundry hamper inside. Nothing makes a room look clumsy and disorganized like a pile of dirty laundry. Keep your clothes in one receptacle in advance of laundry day to stay organized and the Belle and June catalog has a multitude of choices for you to consider. Woven or braided seagrass hampers are lightweight and you have the option of handles or no handles for easy lifting. Most of our hampers come with lids to present a more neat and organized aesthetic to keep your dirty laundry private.


We believe a little creativity goes a long way and when it comes to organization of your bedroom, the more imagination, the better! When the closet has become too crowded and even decluttering can't help to reclaim as much storage space as you might have hoped, Belle and June has plenty of ideas to get any bedroom fully organized.

Shelf baskets don't always belong on shelves. They can fit underneath a bed frame as well, and when you're looking for a little extra space to store shoes, winter clothes in the summer, even clean bed linens and blankets, turn to a set of three Lindon Baskets from Pigeon and Poodle for storing the necessities under the bed and give the closet a break.

Maybe the closet is what needs organization. No problem, we offer many varieties of Pigeon and Poodle storage baskets of all sizes and plenty of colors. T-shirts, blouses, even underwear and socks can all find a home in these baskets that are easy to stack or secure in an open corner beneath your hanging items.

Creativity comes in many guises. For those with too little closet space but plenty of wall space in the bedroom, turning a shelving unit into a wardrobe is a fun and unique way to store your favorite clothing items. Whether you turn to one of the aforementioned bookcase and hutch combinations from MadeGoods or opt for a post-modern floating shelf aesthetic from Global Views, your clean clothes can be on display and ready to wear by taking a more unique approach to storage.

Adding some furniture to your bedroom can always provide ample organization opportunities. The many nightstands in our catalog are equipped with two or three drawers and a surface tabletop that can accommodate a variety of accessories and functional items. We offer dressers for additional storage that can keep your clothes protected and clean. Even an acrylic ottoman from Zentique has shelf space underneath the chic tufted top for hiding away books, magazines, even remote controls and other media items for the bedroom with a TV.

The Belle and June Catalog

When the time has come to get organized, we hope these suggestions help you get started. Let your mind wander, get creative, think outside the box...and once that spark comes to life, come visit the Belle and June catalog to get new ideas and find the storage and furniture options that can bring your vision to fruition. We're always ready to inspire and support your creativity in the home.

Organization is important and the sooner you get started, the sooner your home will be a place of tranquility and calm. Call or click today. We have so many wonderful styles and designers to choose from!