How To Choose The Right Bathroom Accessories

How To Choose The Right Bathroom Accessories

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Selecting accessories for bathroom use can be a daunting task if you haven't prepared ahead of time. Do you purchase a bathroom set or should you select each bathroom accessory separately? There really is no one size fits all approach to purchasing bathroom sets and accessories, it just really depends on your personal preference and the décor scheme you've chosen for that particular bathroom.

However, there are a couple things to keep in mind as you browse through our catalog of bathroom accessory sets. Consider the following before it's time to buy:

Create a bathroom budget

If you haven't built a proper budget for your bath accessories ahead of time you're going to find it difficult to make the best choices for your home. But if you know how much you want to spend on a bath set from the start, you can create a bathroom you will be proud to use and show off to guests.

Try not to compromise too much because of costs, after all, this is a bathroom accessories set you are going to live with for years to come. You shouldn't feel the stinging reminder of concession each and every time you utilize your bath accessories.


Build an accessories set shopping list

Our catalog offers a wide variety of bathroom decorative accessories and bathroom ensembles to fit any décor, any lifestyle, and every budget. But in order to find the bathroom accessories that best fit your home, create a list of the things you need versus the things you might want.

Not every customer prefers to buy a bath collection set because there may not be ample enough space to accommodate every piece. Since not all bathrooms are built the same, only you can decide if a bathroom ensemble set or single accessories are suitable for yours.

Think about interior design

When you moved into your home, you took painstaking lengths to get the interior design exactly right. Now that it's time to buy bathroom accessories sets for all of your bathrooms, you want to be sure everything matches or complements the work you've already put in.

If you're not sure what works best, we find that choosing neutral colors or tones can make the decision process much easier. So feel free to go with a white bathroom accessory scheme. If you're not keen on a white bathroom accessories set any matching bathroom sets should work.

The best materials for your bathroom

Another important decision to make is figuring out what kind of materials you want in your bathroom. Our catalog features a full array of options from glass bathroom accessory sets to fabric bathroom sets, lacquer bath ensemble sets to resin bathroom decor sets and porcelain bathroom collection sets.

Your choice of material should reflect your budget and your lifestyle. You want to find that balance between durability and cost. Going cheap usually means sacrificing long-term reliability. Some materials may be easier to clean than others and you need to decide how often you'll be able to properly maintain your bathroom accessory set.

If you live in a hectic household you might want to pick a material that is resistant to cracking and breaking. This means skipping the ceramic bathroom accessory set in favor of less delicate bath accessory sets as an alternative.

Consider some of the most popular materials that are used in the design and manufacture of bathroom décor sets and accessories:


Typically used for low-cost accessories and bathroom kits. Plastic is a good choice as a short-term solution because it tends to break easier than other materials under heavy, repeated use.


It's true these are more delicate materials that come with a higher risk of damage due to accident. But they present an unmistakably unique aesthetic worth considering as part of any design scheme from vintage bathroom décor to farmhouse bathroom décor.

belle and june


This is a more expensive material as it offers long-lasting reliability and increased durability. Stainless-steel bath décor can feel at home in a mens bathroom or as part of a modern interior design scheme.

Chrome-plated steel

The biggest drawback with chrome plating is that it tends to rub off under heavy wear and tear. Consider going with chrome-plated accessories in a guest bathroom that may not see as much use as a master bathroom or kids' bathroom might receive on a routine basis.


Which Materials Fit Best?

The choice of material you select for your bathroom décor items plays as significant a role as the items themselves. So what type of bathroom have you designed in your home? Are you partial to a vintage or retro aesthetic? Perhaps your home favors a more modern look. The choice of materials for these domains should place an emphasis on supporting the overall design of the room.

Some design schemes will favor lacquer or stainless-steel while others may welcome just about any material choice, as long as its functional and stylish. Consider a combination of material choices for one bathroom, just ensure those materials complement one another.

A General Overview of Popular Bathroom Accessories

Sometimes you need it all. Sometimes you need only the basics. Whichever you prefer, we have the bathroom décor items to complete any size bathroom and fit any size budget. You expect a lot from a fully functional and gorgeous bathroom, these are the bath accessories to help you achieve those ends.

Soap and Toothbrush Holder Sets

Many consumers will opt to purchase sets of accessories that keep your soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste properly organized for easy access. You can find these sets in a variety of styles and colors. Selecting the right set for your purposes relies on finding the materials that match or complement the bathroom in which these holders will reside.

But functionality is also a high priority. If the holder looks good but doesn't serve much of a purpose in keeping your soap contained or your toothbrush and toothpaste organized, then why bother having those items prominently displayed on your bathroom counter?

Therefore, you want to select bathroom holders that allow for complete functionality and various slots and openings to contain multiple items of different sizes and shapes. If more than one member of the family uses the same bathroom, choose a holder set that allows for each member to have his or her toothbrush available for use anytime.


Bathroom Tray

Available as part of a set or purchased separately, the bathroom tray is a useful accessory that gets overlooked way too often. A bathroom tray serves a simple function in that it helps to keep multiple items organized in one place.

A bathroom tray can hold a variety of items from soap to flossers to toothpaste on your bathroom counter to toilet paper, a pair of matches, or air freshener on the top of the toilet basin. Bathroom trays can be useful for displaying perfume bottles or organizing make-up. The best thing about a bathroom tray is that you can come up with a wide range of uses for trays of all sizes. Smaller trays can keep a few items handy while larger trays can accommodate a wider array of items in one place. Place a bathroom tray next to the sink with a collection of rolled towels for those evenings when you entertain friends and family. The possibilities are endless.


Soap Accessories

When it comes to the soap in your bathroom you're either using a bar or a pump. If you prefer the former, your soap holder will be a soap dish that you can keep next to the sink. Nothing is uglier and less sanitary than leaving a moist bar of soap lying on the counter beside your faucet. But using a soap dish keeps your bar of soap in one place and the rest of your bathroom counter neat and clean. Select a soap dish that has drainage slots to allow the soap to dry after each use.

If you use liquid soap more often, then a pump soap dispenser is the best choice of accent for your bathroom. There are many styles of soap pump in a myriad of material options, but they all do the same thing at the end of the day – store liquid soap in a container that complements your décor instead of a commercial bottle that has a brand name and scent written across it.

The Advantage of a Bathroom Accessories Set

Since a bathroom accessory set contains multiple items, consumers will often choose this option when outfitting any bathroom in the house. This helps to create a singular aesthetic style for the entire room, so your soap dish and your toothbrush holder and various other important accessories match.

These sets are designed to store and accommodate many items at once so you need not worry about limited storage space in cabinets and drawers. You also get to enjoy the added convenience that comes with purchasing all of your accessories at one time instead of searching for them separately and amassing a collection of mismatched décor items that you hope will complement each other.

Tissue Box Cover

You never know when you're going to need a tissue. But would you rather yank it from a cheap cardboard box or a stylish tissue box cover made from acrylic, metal, rattan, or lacquer? With a designer tissue box cover, you and your family will never need to look upon a common cardboard container again.

Most tissue box covers are very easy to install as you simply place the cover over the existing cardboard box and have it remain there until the tissues run out. When that occurs, take the cover off, throw out the empty box, and replace it again with a fresh new one. Choose a cover that matches the décor of the room instead of the store-bought box that might feature the same color of the bathroom wall or the countertop. With a tissue box cover, your tissues can neatly accent the rest of the room at all times.

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