Fall Refresh Ideas

Posted by Belle and June on Nov 30, 2022

Fall Refresh Ideas

The nights are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting cooler. That can only mean one thing – Fall has arrived. As the seasons change, our thoughts turn to autumnal colors and bundling up against the chill with those we love as we look ahead to the holidays on the horizon.

A Fall refresh can be achieved all throughout the home as the seasons shift right outside your window. The leaves turning colors and falling to the ground is the perfect backdrop for the décor changes that you can implement in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, you name it!

At Belle and June, you can find all the best products to give your home that rejuvenating glow for a Fall refresh that you and your family will enjoy all season long.

Each room of the house offers its own unique opportunity to celebrate the change of season and whether you want to make a few minor enhancements or you're ready to usher in the cooler weather with a full revitalizing approach, we have the helpful hints and tips to spark your imagination and inspire some festive creativity.

The Living Room

It's the place where you gather to relax and enjoy the time together with family and friends. Some call it the coziest room of the house and so you want to give it a warm and inviting aesthetic that makes it a place for comfort and calm. With the temperatures dropping, consider adding a few more throw pillows on the couch and layer the furnishings with a trusty blanket for those evenings by the fire. Drape a second one along the corner for when guests arrive.

The Kitchen

You don't need to entertain guests to give your kitchen a Fall refresh. Do it for you and those who live under your roof by populating your countertops with warm colors and aromas. Gourds are a nice touch to usher in the Fall, while dishware, tableware, and serving plates displayed in cabinets and shelves offer some inviting embellishments. Even towels and runners adorned with autumnal colors and patterns can give your kitchen that seasonal flair.

The Bedroom

Change out your linens from thinner, more lightweight materials to thicker, heavier, and even darker colors and patterns to make your bedroom the place you want to be when you end the day and wake up to a new one. Fall colors like burgundy, dark blue, rustic brown with warm tones and shades that accent your choices make for a cozy and inviting private space. Embrace contrasts when adding flourishes to your present décor scheme. If you're more of a summer personality with a bedroom that features pastels and softer tones, try some bold, darker, contrasting aesthetics to give the room a whole new start in the lead-up to the holidays.

The Foyer

It's where you greet those whom you have invited into your home and the first place they see when they arrive. Populate this area with new décor that reflects the time of the year with pumpkin imagery, leaves, floral arrangements, and candles. The scent of the candle you have chosen for your foyer or entryway will enhance your greetings to visitors and expand through the rest of the house with a pleasant, robust aroma that will make you and your guests reflect on this wonderful time of the year. Aromatics in the form of natural, organic sources like cinnamon or nutmeg can also do the trick nicely. If the home has a fireplace, nothing says cold weather like the smell of a crackling fire to welcome family and friends.

The Bathroom

Soap dispensers, towels, candles, all of these and more can refresh any bathroom as the seasons change from Summer to Fall. Decorative pumpkin and colorful leaves are two of the more popular patterns that you can place in a bathroom and colors ranging from gray to black to neutral tones as a décor scheme. Add some organizational functionality in the form of boxes and shelving with a dark or blonde wood aesthetic for a more rustic look. Scented soaps are also a big hit with aromas like pumpkin, caramel, sandalwood, and apple cider as the most popular choices among consumers.

The Front Door

Talk about curb appeal, a home that embraces the change of the seasons is a home that passersby notice. Tell your neighbors that you've been waiting for Fall to come with a festive doormat that ushers in the season. Whether you go with something subtle in a brown or wheat color or your doormat has pumpkins or even a turkey or two welcoming guests, the doormat is your invitation to guests to step inside and spend some time in a warm and loving environment. Fall décor on the door is always welcome and you can make a wreath out of branches and sticks you can find in your yard or go with something that has been professionally made using a floral arrangement that features pinecones, berries, peony and magnolia, and other autumnal foliage.