Anna New York

We always strive to feature the versatile, the smartest, the most forward-thinking designers in the industry. Anna Rabinowicz encompasses all three of these attributes with degrees in engineering and literature under her belt and the title of Professor of Product Design at both Stanford University and Parsons School of Design.

The rich tapestry of her experience, training, and eye for naturally-inspired aesthetics is the foundation for Anna New York, the luxury home brand that marries natural materials through artisan craftsmanship, innovation, and modern technology to offer unique, one-of-a-kind products that command attention with an emphasis on functionality.

Browse through the products from Anna New York in various categories of the Belle & June catalog and you'll find an impressive array of classic pieces and new arrivals that are sure to become best sellers with our clientele.

Why do we love Anna New York so much? These are just a few of the things that made us take notice of this brand's approach to sophisticated design.

Natural Materials

Belle & June has always found the value in bringing new life to natural materials through a variety of updated manufacturing methods and design choices. Anna New York creates bold products finding inspiration in the look and feel of agate, crystal, alabaster, and marble.


Anna Rabinowicz finds value in raw, natural materials and places great importance in the ways in which these materials are sourced from around the world. Anna takes personal pride in selecting the materials for her latest works and makes it a point to visit the areas and regions where these materials are plentiful to gain a deeper and richer understanding of the local artisans and the towns where they reside. This knowledge not only infuses her products with a genuine authenticity but pays tribute to the origins of these resources. Anna pays close attention to the methods by which these materials are sourced and always focuses on eco-friendly sourcing and manufacturing methods. Recycled materials are a big part of Anna New York products and the brand works with supply houses that share her passion for sustainability.

Eye for Functionality

Home furnishings should always be mult-faceted. They can be decorative and still serve a purpose. But when design and function go hand-in-hand, we like to give it the spotlight. Glassware, coasters, vases, bookends, these all combine form and function in equal measure. Anna New York has created products that work to beautify your space and serve a specific objective that makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Celebrated Design

Anna New York is a celebrated brand that has been featured in The New York Times, Elle, and Architectural Digest. Anna's products have also received several awards over the years, among them, the NY Now Best New Product Award for 2015. We are proud to feature Anna New York as part of the Belle & June catalog.

We think you will enjoy having Anna New York products as part of your home furnishings and decor scheme. Take a look at all Anna has to offer.