50 Shades of Grey with a Pop of Color

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Maybe it was the book or maybe we’re just downright bored of its neutral counterparts, white and beige, but grey is hotter than ever. We’re seeing shades of grey pop up in every room of the house and this is a trend we don’t see going away anytime soon. Grey is sophisticated, classic and really has the opportunity to let accent colors pop!

It pairs beautifully with many shades of yellow, but also can really deepen the intensity of blues and reds. The neutrality of grey has so many possibilities, but does require some planning.

Cooler greys will create a more calming effect, while charcoal greys can make an extreme statement. Know the mood you’re going for and test swatches before painting.

Once you’re ready to start accenting, don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, just like white, grey is a great complement for most colors.

Here are a few grey rooms we love and our fav Belle and June accessories to help you get the look.

A Kitchen with the Blues

Classic grey kitchen with vibrant blue accents.
The vibrant blue in this kitchen is perfect with the soft grey walls and stark white. Want to add an extra punch? Our Vierti Marina Blu Dinnerware is a show stopper – full of sass and sophistication. 
Vierti Marina Blu Dinnerware via Belle & June
La-la-lavendar & Grey Living Room
Traditional grey living room with lavender accents.

To get this look, pair soft grey walls with our Lavendar and Purple Anemone Flower Bowl or Cielo Amethyst Lamp.
Purple Anemone Flower Bowl via Belle & June
Cielo Amethyst Lamp via Belle & June
Grey Meets Pink
Patterned grey hallway and bedroom with a touch of pink.
Need to add a little sweetness to your grey? Try pink! We love bold patterned trays like our, Pink Bone Inlay Tray. Or the easiest way to add color is layering pillows like our Mandella Orkid Pillow. 
Pink Bone Inlay Tray via Belle & June
Mandella Orkid Pillow via Belle & June
Grey-at Bunkbeds for Kiddos
Grey kids bedroom with lots of character.
Keep a bedroom gender neutral by incorpoting greys with primary colors. A red throw will really pop against these grey walls. Choose from lots of patterned red throws like our Red Navy Ivory Chevron Cotton Blanket. 
Red Navy Ivory Chevron Cotton Blanket via Belle & June

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