The furnishings you select to decorate your home are an intimate reflection of your style and your unique point of view. At Belle & June, we select artists and design houses that inspire creativity and spark the imagination with ideas and motifs from all around the world.

When we discover a designer with true singular vision that speaks to our heart and soul, we can't wait to spotlight that vision as part of our catalog of remarkable designers and collections. Home décor and furnishings are very personal aspects of our lives and while each of us has particular tastes and outlooks on the ideal home environment, we all share the desire to fill our homes with products that offer both style and functionality.

That combination of aesthetic and utility is a powerful partnership of design that we eagerly seek out with every brand, every product line, every collection featured in the Belle & June catalog.

Wildwood Home

Originating from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Wildwood Home is at the forefront of innovative design and expert craftsmanship. For over a century, the brand has been synonymous with forward-thinking luxury and a commitment to quality that has cemented its reputation as a bellwether in bringing new flair to their furniture, lighting and décor accessories.

What makes the Wildwood brand special is their dedication to creating products that fit every style and preference, catering to clientele whose tastes skew towards the contemporary, the trendy, and the classic without playing out old tropes of design that have already come and gone.

Every piece that bears the Wildwood name embraces the philosophy of building top-quality furnishings that blend classic elements with modern accents, bringing together style and substance with remarkable workmanship and fine artisanal detail.

The collection represents a distinctive mix of design cues touching upon the Far East and European influences, resulting in an entirely original vision that transcends the moment for a timeless appeal.

Chelsea House

The designers at Chelsea House have been creating home furnishings, art, décor, and lighting collections that place an emphasis on the warm and familiar comfort of simple hospitality. Every piece is lovingly crafted by hand, offering beauty and sophisticated design, with a fresh, elegant take on the classic and traditional while refusing to give in to nostalgia.

These items are also impervious to trends and fads, eschewing the flavor of the month in favor of a more forward-thinking outlook, building collections that deliver long-lasting dependability and elegant aesthetics that function to inspire the imagination towards new frontiers of interior décor.

For more than three decades, Chelsea House has been delivering quality workmanship to fit any lifestyle bringing a new, refreshing approach to classic design and basic purpose, truly personalizing any living space, from the bedroom to the kitchen, and everywhere else in between.

The Magic of Powerful Partnerships

In 2011, Wildwood and Chelsea House joined forces to increase their singular brands into a partnership that expands their collective reach in the industry. But even as they have unified, the two brands remain independently focused on developing new designs while manufacturing and delivering exceptional products amidst a deep singular focus of direction for distribution and marketing.

The Wildwood-Chelsea partnership allows for both brands to thrive and grow stronger together and we at Belle & June eagerly await the next phase in their separate journeys under one roof.

These are two of the most fascinating brands in the home furnishing category and we are proud to feature their wide array of products in the Belle & June catalog.