Wall Decor

Wall art makes a statement in your child's room or nursery and it ''finishes'' the room. It adds color and extends your theme. The colors and shapes stimulate your baby's brain and aid in development. Later, art can instill creativeness, imagination, and, still later, inspirational art can instill positive self-esteem. Belle and June carries an extensive collection of children's wall art.

Belle and June makes Decorating a Child's Room Fun.

You've seen this on children's decorating magazines and websites, Belle and June carries fun and stylish wallpaper for easy change-when-you-want-too decorating. Magnet boards are a great way to display photos and other mementos. Nursery wall art is stimulating to baby and a heartwarming addition to any nursery or child's room. Have fun mixing and matching with other items like Hot Air Balloon Mobile and other hanging décor for a perfectly put-together room.