May Home Magnet Board

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This decorative magnet board features the quote "May this home be filled with.... The sound of laughter and giggles, friends new and old, sunshine & light, magical stories and tales, happy memories to treasure, family from near and far, fun and make believe, comfort and love, truth and honesty, fascinating ideas and conversation, hope and kindness, hugs and kisses." A charming addition to any room! Each piece beautifully pairs fashion and function helping you display your memories, loved ones and adventures in a fun way.

Includes 4 magnets

Materials: Canvas print

24" x 32"
28" x 38"
2" deep frame

Mounting Instructions: 
These magnet boards are designed to hang from the frame.  To hang, install 2 dry wall screws or small nails into the wall, spaced so that the board will rest on the nails or screws at each corner.  For larger boards, we recommend 3 screws or nails.

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