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Home Treasures Ribbons Bath Towels (Set of 2)

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Our Ribbons washcloths and bath towels are offered on a white base and are finished with a pair of ribbons for a traditional touch. Two sateen ribbons and coordinating straight-edge piping give our sumptuous zero-twist Turkish terry towel a handsome, tailored look. 

Available items in this collection:
Washcloth: 13"x13" (Sold in a Set of 2)
Bath Towel: 30"x52" (Sold in a Set of 2)
Bath Sheet: 36"x75" (Sold in a Set of 2)

Available Sateen Ribbon Piping:
Candlelight, Oyster, Brilliance Pink, Lobster, Sion Blue, Slate Blue, Navy, Eucalipto, Piana, Chrome, Grasaglia Gray, Ivory, and White

Terry: 550 gsm, zero-twist, 100% Turkish cotton | Ribbons and Binding: 100% Egyptian cotton, Italian sateen | Made in USA | OEKO-TEX Certified

Care: Machine wash on a gentle cycle using cold or warm water to avoid shrinkage and excessive wrinkling. Use a mild detergent; never use fabric softeners, bleach or bleach alternatives, as these will destroy the quality of the natural fibers, reducing the longevity of your linens. Tumble dry your linens on a warm heat setting. Never dry on high heat as it will weaken the fibers and cause excessive shrinkage. Use a steam iron on warm/hot setting; please check to make sure your steam iron is clean before using.

Made in the USA

Home Treasures Ribbons Bath Towels (Set of 2) by Home Treasures

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