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Mr Brown London

Mr. Brown London

The mid century aesthetic remains a beloved style of modern interior décor and Mr. Brown London has been at the forefront of innovation in this motif with their collection of furniture, lighting fixtures, and luxury accessories. What began as a small company with eccentric tastes and unusual sensibilities, Mr. Brown London luxury mid century modern furniture has emerged as one of the most in-demand brands for consumers and interior designers around the globe. Their style has become more sophisticated while remaining idiosyncratic at every turn.

The company's use of bold colors and compelling designs has earned it a reputation as a daring and compelling maker of furnishings that feel natural in any room. Highly functional and effortlessly unique, Mr. Brown London features a wide array of offbeat and fascinating products that place an emphasis on expert craftsmanship in the use of unconventional materials. Never taking themselves too seriously, the team of designers at Mr. Brown London get to the heart of the quirkiness in the furnishings we often take for granted. Mr. Brown London lightning fixtures marry the modern with the timeless using a collection of eclectic materials with delightfully unexpected results.

Every strangely exquisite piece, from the Mr. Brown London eliza chair to Mr. Brown London mirrors, takes center stage in any room of the home. Belle & June is proud to offer a wide array of subtle and spectacular pieces from the Mr. Brown London collection.

Why We Love Mr. Brown London

One look at the Mr. Brown London product line in our catalog and you can tell these are exquisite items created by individuals with vast imaginations. Their next level approach to the everyday has thrust them to the forefront of the most sought-after luxury furnishings brands on the market today.

Their team of designers are always working to stay one step ahead of the trends without becoming too distant from the mainstream. Every piece of Mr. Brown London furniture is created and built to combine functionality and style without a hint of pretense. It's that eye towards accessibility for every taste that makes Mr. Brown London one of our favorite collections at Belle & June. The way their designers approach each and every piece they create with a flair for the bold.

Our collection of Mr. Brown London lamps offer a variety of remarkable lighting options to fit any purpose. Whether it's a table lamp to shine a light on one specific area of the room or a chic yet classic chandelier to illuminate the entire room at once, Mr. Brown's London lighting fixtures deserve a place in the spotlight of your life, be it the home or the office.

There is simply no other brand quite like Mr. Brown London. We invite you to browse the delightfully extraordinary collection of distinguished products that have become synonymous with this brand. Be it furnishings, accessories, lighting, or just places to store clothes and other life essentials, trust Mr. Brown London to challenge the way you think about home décor.