Mirrors are for far more than just shaving or putting on your makeup. Mirrors add style, visual texture, color, and shape to a room. They can be hung singly or in groups. Belle and June carries mirrors for any room: children's rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas.

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  • Cast Ring Mirror

    Cast Ring Mirror

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  • Flux Mirror

    Flux Mirror

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  • Armond Sand Mirror from belleandjune.com | mirrors

    Armond Sand Mirror

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Add Interest with Mirrors

To ''break up'' a room that has too many square angles hand a round shaped mirror or one of the bone inlay mirrors to soften the look of the room. If your furniture is somewhat rounded in style add a rectangular or squared mirror to add a break. Always try to hang a mirror across from a nice view so it ''mirrors'' something pleasant. Something unattractive subtracts from the beauty of your mirror. Coordinate a Belle and June mirror with any of our Pigeon and Poodle Bath accessories.