Anna New York

Lumino Eggplant Agate & 24K Gold Gemstone Coasters


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The Lumino Gemstone Coasters are designed to bring peace to your home. These slices of pure, semi-precious Agate were forged in ancient lava streams and thought to promote calmness and pleasant dreams. Each is edged in 24k gold and no two are alike.

Our Agate coasters are sculpted from a gemstone thought to encourage calmness and peace. The antioxidant effects of pure gold and silver, which we apply to the edges of these crystal coasters, have been studied by scientists. Our gemstone coasters are believed to bring just the kind of positive energy and protection needed at home

Sold in a set of 4

Dimensions: 4.5" in diameter

Lumino Eggplant Agate & 24K Gold Gemstone Coasters by Anna New York

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