Growth Chart

A growth chart is a must-have for any child's room and is one of the most appreciated shower gifts for an expectant mom. Belle and June has all the adorable children's growth charts that you've seen on Pinterest and in baby magazines and many have themes that match other children's pieces such as the our children's step stools and kids room decor.

Am I Big Yet?

The 3 month or 6 month measurement day can be a big day in the life of a child. Each fraction of an inch makes them feel a little bit more like a ''big kid.'' Each fraction of an inch may hold mixed emotions for a parent, but grow they must and at the end of childhood you will have a visual memory of their childhoods to have and to hold forever. It may even make a meaningful gift to your child when he or she is about to have their own child or about to be married—if you can find it in your heart to give it up.