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We have listed our Fourth Of July favorites !


Shop our mostly stylish RED WHITE and BLUE items and take 15% off your order!

1. Chain Jar 2. Jarin Dresser True Navy 3. Shortwool Sheepskin Ivory Cube 4. Salsa Spot Red Decorative Pillow 5. Eco Vintage American Flag Throw Blanket6. Natural Herringbone Blue Tray 7. Longwood Natural Shaped 2′ x 3′ Sheepskin Rug 8. Nova Denim Dinnerware 9. Mykonos Napkins S/4 10. Designer Blue Alpaca Throw Blanket 11. Anchor Embroidered Bath Towels 12. Ahoy Red Sunscreen Tub 13. Light Almendro Serving Bowl 14. Blue Zip Garden Stool 15. Blue Goddess Table Lamp

For Precious Metal Accessories, Shop Rablabs

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Anna New York, the home of RabLabs, specializes in producing beautiful home décor products manufactured from natural materials. Belle and June is a market-leading supplier of RabLab’s precious metal accessories. The range features items created from crystal, azure, emerald, quartz, aquamarine and more. Products include coasters, plates, platters, bowls, napkin rings and bottle stoppers.


The Casca Bowl

The Casca Bowl has become one of the most popular RabLabs products available through Belle and June. The semi-precious gemstone bowl is covered in electroplated pure silver alongside 24k gold and is hand-carved. The bowl is available in azure, crystal, rose quartz and indigo with silver and gold options available.


Lumino Coasters

The Lumino Coasters from RabLabs are as elegant as they are practical. Edged in 24k gold and silver, they raise the bar when it comes to coasters and are ideal as gifts for loved ones and yourself. As this is a natural product, each item is distinctive, with colors and patterns varying.


Adorado Boxes

RabLabs Adorado boxes are ideal for storing your most prized possessions, including coins, rings, necklaces and more. The boxes blend exquisite Lucite with ancient, hand-carved stones and are ideal for placement on vanity tables and for emphasizing features within your space.


The Aro Photo Frame

The Aro Photo Frame in Teal is the perfect addition to your coffee table and is made from hand-polished agate. The frame features a beautiful nickel-plated metal ring and is produced from materials of the highest caliber. All pieces are truly unique, and no polishing is required.


Aleotto Napkin Rings

Aleotto Napkin Rings from RabLabs take inspiration from the patterns of nature and feature semi-precious agate stone. The rings combine organically-shaped glass with elegant handpolished agate, with each set being unique.


Getting in touch

To find out more about any of the RabLabs products in the catalog, contact Belle and June today. Belle and June is home to over 7,000 décor accents including dinnerware, tableware, glassware, bed and bath accents, pillows, wall art and items for children’s rooms.  You can reach Belle and June by using the contact form on the site, by calling 1-888-992-BELLE or by sending an email to [email protected].


Asian Vases | Oriental Vases & Decorative Vases – Belle and June

Asian Vases
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Belle and June is a leading supplier or elegant and decorative Asian vases and has been for many years. The company sources vases from manufacturers and designers from across the world and can help you identify the perfect distinctive and exquisite vase for your needs. There are all sorts of great reasons for investing in vases when you wish to improve the atmosphere of your space. Although vases are heavily associated with flowers and can add to their beauty, they can also be a centerpiece in their own right, adding color, texture and shape to your dresser, table, shelf and mantelpiece.

Style and grace

Temple jars have become particularly popular among Belle and June’s discerning customers, adding substantial volumes of class and grace to homes around the world. Many customers are opting to group their temple jars and vases together for maximum effect and pair them with glass lanterns and cachepots. Belle and June stock vases from leading names including Emilio Robba, Waylande Gregory and Vietri, with Swarovski crystals also featuring in many of their offerings. The company also offer a wide range of Asian-inspired vases, including temple jars in various colors and patterns. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Asian vases and temple jars in the catalogue right now.

Elegant Asian vases

The Asian Traditional Chinese Blue & White Longevity Heaven Jar is crafted by hand and designed to add class and style to any room. The heaven jar features a stunning blue tone against a pure white background and is designed to take pride of place within your home for many years. The Asian Plum Tree Temple Jar can breathe life into any space. This blue and white jar is often paired with a range of bold vases to create a stunning visual image.

Contacting Belle and June

If you do have any queries about the Asian vases in the Belle and June catalog, contact the team today. You can reach them by using the contact form on the site or by calling them on 1-888-992-BELLE. Alternatively, send a message to [email protected]