My Addiction With Pinterest

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It was just a few short months ago that I was told about this new site called Pinterest. I brushed it aside, avoiding it at all costs. I wanted no part in even discovering what it was about- there was just no room in my life for another social media site- Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc… who has the time for all of these? And then curiosity got the better of me. Its an endless magazine without all of the ads! Its incredible!  Its fueling my interest in things I never used to care about like photography, food and nature and flowers. Its making me want to renovate and redecorate my home with all of these amazing ideas–hence spawning my idea to put my house on the market and search for a new gut rehab home. Its beyond addictive- I am hooked! I get lost in images for hours and need to remind myself to have a shower, eat and sleep. Do you know what i mean? Its even trumped my Blackberry in terms of the number of time I check it a day…and that’s pretty bad since my blackberry is like my umbilical cord.  Do they have support groups for people like me?

Here are some of my all time favorite pins thus far.

Favorite Bedroom pinned from Decorpad.com

Favorite Kitchens pinned from Better Homes and Gardens and Decorpad.com

 Favorite Laundry Room pinned from Designstamped.com

 Favorite Bathroom pinned from houzz.com

 Favorite Informal Dining Space pinned from prettystuff.tumblr.com

Favorite Formal Dining Space pinned from decorpad.com

 Favorite Living Room pinned from housebeautiful.com and chiccoastalliving.blogspot.com

Favorite Wall Montage pinned from cotedetexas.blogspot.com

Favorite Hallway pinned from decorpad.com

Favorite Children’s Room pinned from veranda.com and www.artisticdesignsforliving.com

I can go on forever..check out my boards. What do you think? Anything inspire you http://pinterest.com/belleandjune/


Like a Kid In A Candy Store: Market Week 2012

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I am finally winding down from market week. It was amazing! Looking at all the new suppliers and all the new products being showcased, I am like a kid in a candy store. I never know where to start first and I get stuck admiring one suppliers collection and forget I am tight on time and need to move on to the next. All I envision is where I can put each item in my home–though I know my husband will cut up my credit cards when he sees the home decor shopping spree I have just been on!  I am sorry I just cant help it! I can totally relate to Rachel Zoe when she tells Roger she can’t control herself when she sees an amazing vintage piece of clothing–she just has to have it in her wardrobe. I feel the same way about new home decor–I need it ALL…I just can not say no. “No” and “Home Decor” are just two words that don’t mix together in my life! And I get so excited about how much fun my audience will have putting these amazing finds in their homes, especially when Spring is right around the corner.

With spring comes the promise of renewal and change. It’s a great time to clean house (both literally and metaphorically) and hit the “re-set” button in your life. While warm weather is still a few months away, now is the time to assess your surroundings and start envisioning your home in a new way.  Even the smallest home accent can have such a huge impact on a space. Check out some of these amazing home accessories I found. The colors are so refreshing! So happy!!

Celadon Carving Temple Jar

Damask Canape Plate
Decorative Pearl Plate

Palisades Pillow

Blue Bianco

We are working really hard to add them and hundreds more to the web site over the next few weeks. I hope you are as excited about them and just maybe something you fall in love with will be the seedling for creative evolution in your home!


Tangerine Tango The Color of 2012

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I’ve never really loved the color orange. If asked what my favorite color was, it was never on the top of my list. I don’t know why, I am just more of a blue person, or a soft green, or white…Safe choices? Maybe. Then this year it was announced that the Pantone color of the Year is Tangerine Tango. UGH! Dreaded! Why couldn’t it be something more subdued and not so loud? And who decides these things anyway?- I’ve always wondered. Well so be it, I was forced to actually sit down and look at this Pantone more closely. So as I started to look at the source of all colors (nature), it turns out the photos I am most attracted to are the ones with a pop of orange. It’s that definite wow factor and even better it’s a beautiful accent to ANY color.  So now, I am obsessed with it. Thank you to the Fashion/Decor g-d’s for declaring this the Pantone Color of 2012! I now need to redecorate my house:) 


Further solidifying my new found love for this year’s hot color I found this amazing living space beautifully accented in orange. So subtle and elegant!
via Pinterest.
Here are some favorite tangerine colored home accents pieces from Belleandjune.com that I think are the perfect compliment to virtually any living space. What do you think?
Orange Mohair Throw
Orange Prunus Vase
Zebra Pillow
Pansy Side Plates
Orange Coin Carving Stool
Lancaster Frame
Classic Frame
Leather Tray
Corn Husk Tray