Tangerine Tango The Color of 2012

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I’ve never really loved the color orange. If asked what my favorite color was, it was never on the top of my list. I don’t know why, I am just more of a blue person, or a soft green, or white…Safe choices? Maybe. Then this year it was announced that the Pantone color of the Year is Tangerine Tango. UGH! Dreaded! Why couldn’t it be something more subdued and not so loud? And who decides these things anyway?- I’ve always wondered. Well so be it, I was forced to actually sit down and look at this Pantone more closely. So as I started to look at the source of all colors (nature), it turns out the photos I am most attracted to are the ones with a pop of orange. It’s that definite wow factor and even better it’s a beautiful accent to ANY color.  So now, I am obsessed with it. Thank you to the Fashion/Decor g-d’s for declaring this the Pantone Color of 2012! I now need to redecorate my house:) 


Further solidifying my new found love for this year’s hot color I found this amazing living space beautifully accented in orange. So subtle and elegant!
via Pinterest.
Here are some favorite tangerine colored home accents pieces from Belleandjune.com that I think are the perfect compliment to virtually any living space. What do you think?
Orange Mohair Throw
Orange Prunus Vase
Zebra Pillow
Pansy Side Plates
Orange Coin Carving Stool
Lancaster Frame
Classic Frame
Leather Tray
Corn Husk Tray


First Post

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This is my very first blog post! Wow! How exciting. What a great platform to showcase my love for all things beautiful. What does one say in their first blog post? Its a lot of pressure no??  I guess I’ll start with why I started my business, Belle and June Home Decor

I am OBSESSED with  beautiful home accents. Always have been! For my wedding, when most people register for toaster ovens and pots and pans, I was busy registering for decorative wastebaskets and vanity trays with antique perfume bottles. Practical, not really…magnificent touch to my living space…absolutely! My home, and the rooms in it are my haven and for this reason I have always felt that most importantly, when you enter your home, you should step in to a space that welcomes and relaxes. Beautiful, well-crafted home accessories give a living space its own distinct character and turn a home into a haven. The right home accessories proudly and confidently express a distinct style and personality.

I’m excited when I find a unique home décor item – one I look at and say, “That piece defines the space.” I love finding just the right place for it in a home and seeing it add a whole new dimension to a room.
Over the years, I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with the difficulty in finding an array of quality home accents. There are few options. So last year, I finally decided it was time to fill this void. I carefully researched artisans and vendors known for hand-craftsmanship, quality and style; with the goal to develop an on-line boutique that makes beautiful, unique items easily accessible to the general consumer. BelleandJune.com is my vision. At BelleandJune.com you’ll find an outstanding and vast collection of home accents for both adult and child. These quality selections bring beauty, harmony and creativity to any room in your home.
Belle and June is about expressing oneself in a passionate, heartfelt and unique way. It is for anyone determined to create a special space surrounded with all things beautiful.

Belle and June: The story of the name: 
When I started my business, I wanted a name with special meaning. My business is a huge part of me, so the name had to reflect the people and values that bring me joy every day. My daughter’s name is Isabelle (Belle for short.) I’m also from Quebec, and Belle means “beauty” in French. My son Jesse was born in June, one of our most beautiful months. So there you have it…Belle and June. It’s a reflection of my love for my children, my roots and my passion for all things beautiful. 
I look forward to sharing my passion and decorative finds with you!