Porcelain Temple Jars, Ceramic Temple Jars & Glass Temple Jars from Belle and June


Belle and June is a global stockist of porcelain temple jars, ceramic temple jars and glass temple jars from a range of leading manufacturers. The team supply temple jars to customers in over 220 countries worldwide and are always on hand to advise you if you require any further information about any of the products they sell before you go ahead with a purchase. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular temple jars in the catalogue right now.


Life and energy


The Orange Temple Jar with Dragon Motif is a fierce, distinctive offering that breathes life and energy into any room. Many customers opt to pair this item with the Orange Prunus vase for an even richer effect, with some matching it with the Plain White Globular Vases for a powerful impact.


Elegance and class


The White Temple Jar With Blue Greek Key Trim is noted for its simple elegance and features a glossy finish alongside a distinctive Greek key design. Customers often opt to place this item on a bookshelf or credenza in the office or use it as a statement piece in their lounges. The Lime Temple Jar can add a welcome blast of colour to any room. The jar is noted for its circular shape as well as its round lines and is perfect for placement on a table or credenza. It’s common for customers to showcase this item alongside other products from the lime green collection, though it also works well with black and white porcelain pieces.


A worldwide service


Belle and June supply elegant temple jars to customers across the world and are always carefully seeking out new items to add to their vast catalogue, which features more than 7,000 home décor items. You can get in touch with Belle and June to find out more about the items in their range by calling them on 1-888-99-BELLE or by sending an email to [email protected]. You can also follow them on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


Waylande Gregory Ceramic Jars and Home Decorations


Belle and June is a leading source of products from the prestigious manufacturer Waylande Gregory. Waylande Gregory Studios was first founded by the artisan Waylande Gregory’s great-grandnephew Bryan Downey with the businessman Mickey Rosarin. The brand has become noted for its porcelains and ceramics, which are largely based on the designs created by Gregory himself. Waylande Gregory was one of the 20th century’s finest modernist artists and pioneered various glazing techniques, including ones later used to put a man on the moon.

More about Wayland Gregory

The studio was founded after a number of Gregory’s pieces were found in a basement. Products made by the studio have been exhibited in a number of prestigious museums around the world, with all pieces being manufactured to meet Gregory’s exacting standards. Materials used include platinum and 22-karat gold. Belle and June offer a wide range of Waylande Gregory ceramic jars and home decorations to meet a host of tastes.

International shipping

Belle and June ship Waylande Gregory products to more than 220 countries worldwide. The company aim to provide home accessories that give spaces their own distinct character, adding luxury and elegance as well as practicality. The company stocks products from a range of leading brands including not only Waylande Gregory but other prestigious names such as Skyros Designs, Arte Italica and many more. All vendors and artisans are chosen for their world-class standards, handcraftsmanship, style and quality.

A leading online boutique

The Belle and June website is a major online boutique which brings elegant items from across the globe together in one convenient centralised location. Popular items include ceramics, lighting, wall art, throws, vases, office accessories, wall clocks, baskets and many more. Should you have any queries about any of the products in the Belle and June catalogue, you are welcome to contact the team at any point. The Belle and June team are always on hand to provide you with more information about the items in their catalogue and can come to your assistance if you need a helping hand with choosing the right products for your needs. To contact Belle and June today, call 1-888-99-BELLE or email [email protected] You can also leave a message through the site.


NOW! Sale on Ceramic Garden Stools – Belle and June

Ceramic Garden Stools
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Belle and June is a noted source for elegant, practical ceramic garden stools from market-leading designers and manufacturers. There are many options to choose from when it comes to colors, styles and designs, and the wide range of stools available means you’re bound to find something that appeals to you no matter what your tastes are. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ceramic garden stools in the Belle and June catalog right now.


White Fluted Garden Stool


The White Fluted Garden Stool sidesteps the eastern design features found on many ceramic garden stools in favor of a more traditional approach. The stool boasts rounded edges alongside an exquisite fluted style and is ideal for placement in living rooms and on patios. Not only can the stool enhance the visual appeal of your space, it can provide comfortable and stylish seating for guests. The stool is constructed from porcelain and ceramic.


Carved Dragon Garden Stool


If you are looking for something more Eastern in character, the Carved Dragon Garden Stool may well be the right option for you. This stool blends the mystery and elegance so heavily associated with the Far East and offers a charming blue and white color scheme with a powerful dragon motif. This piece is ideal for breakfast and living rooms. As the product is handmade, each stool is truly distinctive and unique, with colors and glaze varying from item to item. The product is noted for its exquisite, vintage appearance.


Rusty Green Drum Stool


The Rusty Green Drum Stool really is a sight to behold. This powerfully distinctive piece features a green glaze and has become particularly popular among interior designers across the world. The stool is ideal for use as a plant stand or a low side table and is manufactured by hand.


Contacting Belle and June


Belle and June is a noted supplier of ceramic garden stools from some of the world’s most accomplished designers and manufacturers. To learn more about their elegant offerings, call  1-888-992-BELLE, send a message to [email protected] or complete the contact form on the website.