Make Your Bathroom and Powder Room The Jewel of Your Home

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Often times the bathroom is the last place we think of to decorate; however, think of how much time you spend in it! Not to mention your powder room that is used by guests of your home. And since the powder room is a small space, you can really have a lot of creative freedom with it and your guests will take note! At Belle & June, we love the idea of making the bathroom or powder room a stand out room in the home. Here are a few easy tips to take your bathroom from neglected to noticeable.

Adding an elegant light fixture is a great way to instantly update your powder room or bathroom.

A gorgeous chandelier like our Clear Crystal Chandelier with White String Shade is sure to make a statement and be the focal point of your bathroom!

Sconces surrounding your mirror can help with adjusting the lighting as well as add visual interest.
Our Vintage Sconce would be a great addition to any traditional bathroom.

The little accents in the bath or powder room make a big difference and help dress up the space.
Hand towels are a classic way to update the bathroom counter. Our His and Hers Hand Towels are very sophisticated and make a great gift for newlyweds! 
The Black & Gold Rope Trellis Bathroom Paper Holder is a stylish and functional design piece.
A mirrored vanity tray or a coordinated bath set instantly takes your master bath from boring to beautiful.
Try adding the Windsor Vanity Tray to your counter with glass soap or perfume bottles atop for an elegant ensemble.
Also try adding a tissue box holder, wastebasket or other items from a bathroom collection like the Jensen Bathroom Accessories to add a wow factor to the bathroom and create a cohesive look.

We also love the idea of adding a garden stool as a towel holder and as a unique bathroom accent.
Our White Celestial Cloud Garden Stool can easily work into any master bath.
Glass bottles filled with sand, colored bath salts or even your necessities is a great way to dress up the vanity.
This Glass and Wood Ball Cap Bottle would be the perfect start to get creative with what goes inside for a little work of art.
An easy way to make a big impact in your powder or bathroom is to add tealights throughout.
The Valencia Tealight would look beautiful displayed by the bath or vanity.
By adding a few chic accents to the vanity, updating the lighting or including stylish and functional design pieces, your bathroom will easily become one of your favorite rooms in the home!

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