Decorate the Easy Way with Designer Throws

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There are plenty of easy ways to change up your home decor – we often think to change throw pillows, little home accents, or maybe add a new plant to give the space some green.

Designer throw blankets offer another solution that can give you more bang for your buck! Cozy throws add texture, color, and dimension while also being a functional element of the space.
Use a Throw as a Canvas
A throw blanket isn’t only for draping over a sofa or bed. Think outside the box and use a throw as part of the furniture, and layer on top with patterned pillows! An easy change for tired furniture!

Add a pop of color to a neutral space
We all have a tendency to choose carpeting and furniture in neutral hues, they work in many spaces and will match with most any color. These blank slates are the perfect base to add home accents that can change with the season or with the latest trends. We love the mustard yellow throw in this gorgeous room, it stands out and adds life to the room without being overpowering!

Add New Texture
We’ve all heard ‘Leather & Lace’ – but we prefer Leather & Faux Fur! A smooth, indulgent leather sofa can only be paired with a designer throw of equal luxury! We are in love with these super soft faux-fur throws that add a new texture to the sofa. Other favorites include cable knit throws & mohair throws!

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