Vietri Aladdin Brilliant Gold Fleck Teaspoon


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The Aladdin Gold Fleck Teaspoon features elegant pearlized handles and the latticed metal around the handle.

Material: Acrylic Handles - Slabs of raw Italian material are first cut into long strips, and artisans shave the material to obtain smoothness and shine. The strips are then cut and carved into the handle's shape. Next, the handles are sanded and the pieces are rolled in a mixing machine with pumice, plaster, and water to create a shined handle. Afterwards, the handles are polished by rolling in a tumbler with small beads for 24 hours before they are then assembled.

Care: Handwashing recommended, although dishwasher safe with a mild (non-lemon) washing detergent. Hand dry recommended, otherwise very low dry setting.

Vietri Aladdin Brilliant Gold Fleck Teaspoon by Vietri

Materials & Care

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