Garden Stools

The world has fallen in love with these highly attractive and very functional Chinese garden stools. These little ceramic garden stools have, in fact, a long history spanning over 1,000 years and they are sure to be around for at least that long into the future. Belle and June has all the styles and colors you're looking for.

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    Blue Zip Garden Stool

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    Auburndale Ceramic Stool - White

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More than Just a Stool

Although they are called a stool they are often used for a lot more. Children love Asian garden stools in their rooms as a side table and they serve as the same in bathrooms, patios and other outdoor spaces, bedrooms, and anywhere you want a place to set a cup of coffee, a stack of bath towels, a house plant, lamp, or books. They lend themselves well to any decorating style. Many have traditional Asian designs, some have an exotic African feel, other garden stools are more neutral in both style and color such as the white garden stools, and will blend well anywhere. Check out our unique stools from Made Goods Décor.