Top 10 Home Décor Items Everyone Must Have


With so many choices available nowadays, it is sometimes hard to know exactly what new accents to add to your home.

“I believe when you enter your home, you should step in to a space that welcomes and relaxes. Beautiful, well-crafted home accessories give a living space its own distinct character and turn a home into a haven. The right home accessories proudly and confidently express a distinct style and personality”

Jordana Sagar, CEO of Belle and June

We have scoured the internet for the latest in home décor trends and accessories producing a list to help you make your home truly unique.


Below is our Top 10 Home Décor items, everyone must have:


10) Pendant Light 

Ceramic Pendant Light

Adding a pendant light to a room in your home can really help transform the room into one of elegance. We all like things that stand out and pendant lights will ensure your home does exactly that. Introduce a pendant light to your kitchen and make it the focal point of the room’s style.


9) Paris Wall Clock

Wall Clock

There are of course, many designs and styles of wall clock that could be introduced to your home. However, none will add the Parisian charm and style to your home like the Paris Wall Clock. What is great about this Wall Clock is its handcrafted construction, which ensures that no two clocks are the same. It is a versatile accent which can be added to your kitchen, living space or bedroom.


8) Portable Bookends

Portable Bookends

If you have a book collection at home, then consider sprucing up your shelf space with some portable bookends. Striking variations of colour ensure that these Agate Bookends, laced with natural crystals, will add some modernity and nature to your bookshelf and room.


7) Coasters


Can a home be a home without coaster? But what coasters work well with your home décor… Lumino Coatsers could be the answer. Exquisitely designed, etched in 24K gold these unique and distinctive coasters will add some nature and class to your home.


6) Serpent Pillow

Serpent Pillow

The Serpent Pillow, which is available in several colours, is a fabulous accent to add into your home. The smooth texture and snake embossed pattern will provide a modern and chic addition to your home décor. 



5) Pottery Lamp 

Pottery Lamp

Described as elegant, fashionable and stylish the Pottery Lamp’s features and modern tan shade offers a whimsical touch to any interior setting.



4) Faux Fur Blanket

Faux Fur Blanket

Faux Fur Blankets are all the rage at the moment and if you are looking for a bit of texture in your home, a Faux Fur could offer that perfect finishing touch.

They offer a polished but laid back look and feel to your home.


3) Wooden Tray

Wooden Tray

Most kitchens nowadays include trays, however by adding a gold leaf wooden tray to your kitchen you can ensure a sophisticated and dramatic composition is achieved. A wooden tray is perfect for showing off objects within a display or serving drinks and food.

Your wooden tray will compliment your Arte Italica Dinnerware.


2) Pearl Photo frame

Pearl Photoframe

Pearl Photo frames look vintage and elegant at the same time. Encrusted with Swarovski Crystals and set in delicate Faux Pearls frame, this accent will brighten up any room in your house.



1) Chess Set

Chess Set

What looks more sophisticated in the corner of a room, than a chess set? With a brown marble finish and set in fine oak, this chess piece table is an elegant accent for your home or office.



And there you have my top 10 home accents.

There are lot of fantastic accents that missed the top 10. Fortunately there are lots of options to source Home Décor Accents including Vietri Dinnerware online.


The best selection of Garden Stools across the USA

Garden Stools
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The White Fluted Garden Stool is ideal for those seeking something traditional and is noted for its fluted style and rounded edges. It is perhaps kept in a living room or on a patio and can provide an outstanding extra layer of character to your space.

The Celadon Green Garden Stool with Twisted Lotus Pattern is as elegant as it is distinctive and is often purchased alongside our plain white or Celadon Garden Stools. The stool is handmade and is the ideal addition to many domestic environments.

Meanwhile, the Orange Fortune Garden Stool/Table is wonderfully versatile, and many customers opt to keep a few in their lounge for when extra seating is needed. It is as perfect for the garden as it is for your interior space.

Finally, the Garden Stool-Turquoise Blue is both simple and elegant. The stool is often used as a side table and as additional seating. Its sturdiness means it can be used for many years before it needs to be replaced.

If you do have any questions about our garden stools or need a helping hand with reaching a decision, we are waiting to hear from you. We have vast product knowledge and we are always happy to hear what you have to say so you can make the right purchase for your needs. At Belle and June, we source distinctive and original products from across the world. You can contact us today by calling 1-888-99-BELLE or by sending an email to customerservice@belleandjune.com. Why not explore www.belleandjune.com today? We are here for you when you require high-quality garden stools from the world’s most innovative designers and brands.